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AdaCamp is an unconference on the topic of women in open technology and culture run by the Ada Initiative. As of October 2014 five AdaCamps have run.

AdaCamp Berlin, October 2014 Edit

AdaCamp Berlin was held on October 11-12, 2014.

AdaCamp Portland, June 2014Edit

AdaCamp Portland was held on June 21–22, 2014.

AdaCamp SF, June 2013Edit

AdaCamp San Francisco was held on June 8–9, 2013.

AdaCamp DC, July 2012Edit

AdaCamp D.C. took place on July 10-11, 2012 in Washington D.C. at the Washington Post building.

Notes from some AdaCamp DC sessions are available at AdaCamp/AdaCampDCSessions

AdaCamp Melbourne, January 2012Edit

AdaCamp Melbourne was held on 14 January 2012. See AdaCamp Melbourne recap.

Many of the sessions produced or updated Geek Feminism Wiki pages:

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