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At the LISA conference in November 2009, Amazon CTO Werner Vogel presented a keynote on cloud computing which contained a gratuitous slide of an attractive woman. One report of the incident described it as follows:

In the middle of the the keynote he threw up a gratuitious babe slide, with the comment that he didn't remember why the slide was there, but "hey, she was hot".

An apology was posted soon afterwards:

I apologize that I made that remark. It was completely out-of -character. It was a cartoon character that normaly has the words "You have to let go of control". Because that wording was missing from the slide, I lost track of what I was going to say and made an inexcusable remark. I fully support the statements you made that this is not acceptable. I am sorry you were dissapointed in the keynote in the first place. - Werner

See also: Sexualized presentations

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