Ariadne Pinheiro has been involved with Joomla since 2010. Provided and maintains translated core patches, I'm the current Brazilian Portuguese Translation Team Lead (2012 ~ now) for the project and recently integrated to the Moderation of Portuguese Brazil Oficial Forum (2014 ~now). Graduated in System Analysis by UNESA/RJ, acts as FrontEnd Developer in your own company, the Pinheiro & Sperle Web Development Inc. Group based in Rio de Janeiro city. I travel around Brazil, speaking at events from local high schools and colleges to major conferences like RIO +20, FLISOL, Joomla!Days and others working to improve Joomla! and Open Source software. I'm also involved with translation the Joomla Code and the Joomla Docs, to facilitate the user experience and learning to other Brazilians with the CMS.

In addition to my focus on coordinating translation efforts, I help maintain the pt-br in other areas around the Joomla! community like JCM (Joomla Community Magazine) and help to make strongest the Brazilian community. Last but not least, I'm been involved with in Rio de Janeiro Joomla! User Group (JUG) meetups like a member and founder of (quarterly) and in Joomla!Day Rio de Janeiro (yearly) as a organizer and maintainer.

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