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Someone is about to be raped, but JustInTime at the last minute, the
rapist is foiled. Violently. This can happen in one of two ways. If the
victim is an ActionGirl, or just particularly tough, she will fight the
rapist off herself. Alternatively, she (or more rarely he) will be
rescued by someone else. Depending on who does the rescuing, this can
fuel BodyguardCrush or start a RescueRomance.

Not to be confused with NearRapeExperience, where the rapist stops of
his own free will. Distinct from DateRapeAverted in that there is no
date, and the rapist must, by necessity, be stopped violently -- no
amount of yelling and slapping is going to work as a deterrent.

It is not unknown for the would-be rapist to [[EvilCannotComprehendGood
offer a rescuer a chance to join in]] (and then be shocked when it makes
him angrier).

Popular in fanfiction, especially for the aforementioned BodyguardCrush
and RescueRomance.

As this is a rape trope, NoRealLifeExamplesPlease!


folder: Anime and Manga

  • PeachGirl: Momo fights off Kairi's older brother Ryo when he makes
    advances on her. Sae gets a taste of her own medicine in the form of an
    obese rapist whom Momo saves her from before he can rape her. Also, Momo
    rescues Sae again when she is being forced to participate in a porno film.
    ** In the sequel series "Sae's Story" Sae is drugged and almost raped by
    a group of guys at a party. Kanji thankfully rescues her.
    * In Template:Berserk, Casca has people try to rape her several times.
    The first attempt is stopped by Griffith, who then has Casca kill the
    would-be rapist herself. The second attempt is fought off by Casca
    herself, who kills her attackers, the second when the apostle Wyald
    tries to do her with his GagPenis wacky manhood, but she is saved by
    Guts. She had some pretty close calls. HOWEVER, [[spoiler: when the
    Eclipse goes down, Casca is ultimately raped right in front of Guts by
    none other than [[Template:Irony the man who saved her from her first sexual
    assault]]. GoMadFromTheRevelation She doesn't [[BreakTheCutie come
    out of it]] CuteMute very well]]. It doesn't get easier for her
    afterward, as there are three more attempts, but luckily she was saved
    by ParentsInDistress the Child [[spoiler: when some pagans tried to
    rape her]], AlwaysSaveTheGirl Guts [[spoiler: when the Great
    Goathead tried to make her his "MaritalRapeLicense bride"]], and
    then surprisingly, BadassDamsel herself [[spoiler: when she was
    almost gang raped by some bandits]].
    ** Also, Princess Charlotte has to fight off her own half-maddened
    father's attempt to rape her after her night with Griffith leads to him
    getting arrested and thrown in the dungeons to be put to the
    ColdBloodedTorture torture. This alienates her from her father to
    the point of disowning him and refusing to see him when he's on his
    deathbed, his health having seriously deteriorated because of the guilt
    of what he had done.
    ** And then of course, there's that maddened, anthropomorphic
    horse-turned-demon that tries to rape Farnese, which triggers a
    FlashbackEcho in Guts to spoiler:Casca's rape during the Eclipse and
    sets off his BerserkButton big time.
    * Light's second kill in Manga/DeathNote was a member of a biker
    gang who was trying to rape a woman. Light uses the titular
    ArtifactOfDoom to send him right into the path of an oncoming semi. This
    kill proves to Light that the Death Note's powers are real and
    ultimately leads to his decision to become Kira.
    ** But that was only in the anime - in the manga, the scooter gang
    harassed the girl, and Light only chose the victim because he gave away
    his name. (In fairness, his attitude towards the note at that point was
    "Am I supposed to believe this crap?" He wasn't depraved enough to kill
    someone just for being a pain...JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope yet.)
    ** Takada kills a man who is harassing a woman on a subway, as a crucial
    part of Light's plan.
    * FullMetalPanic has one in Fumoffu, where Chidori tries to stop
    some guys from assaulting another girl, and in turn becomes the center
    of their attention. Fortunately, Sousuke was around to save the day.
    * Vega, in full-on psycho mode, breaks into Chun-Li's apartment in the
    StreetFighter movie (the good one) and intends to rape her before
    killing her. She proves her ActionGirl credentials all over his face in
    a CrowningMomentOfAwesome that also proves she is quite the PluckyGirl.
    Eventually, Guile arrives to Save The Girl after the whole thing is over.
    * Implied to have happened in MacrossPlus. [[spoiler: Which is what
    totally broke the dynamics between Myung, Isamu and Guld. The latter,
    having been the assaulter, [[TraumaInducedAmnesia blocked it outta his
    mind]] and actually thought Isamu was the rapist; when he recalled
    the truth, he aknowledged it and decided to go the RedemptionEqualsDeath
    * In Literature/KaraNoKyoukai, the antagonist of the third
    chapter/movie is [[spoiler:a victim of attempted rape, plus some other
    rapes in the past, who systematically slaughters anybody guilty of
    sexual violence who she comes across]]. She is pretty much the only
    antagonist in the series whom the main characters do not hold to blame
    (although they still need to stop her killing other people, obviously).
    The other attempted rapist in the series is wtfpwned by Shiki and
    becomes the only Template:Muggle she (or at least her current personality)
    ever kills. Noticing a RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil pattern in the
    Template:Nasuverse yet? SomeAnvilsNeedToBeDropped Remember kids, rape is bad.
    * In Manga/Template:Gantz, Kei Kishimoto is almost raped soon after she's
    introduced. As in, she materializes naked and unconscious in a sealed
    apartment, and a violent thug, already present, carts her off to the
    bathroom for "privacy" inside a minute. However, Kato rescues her, and
    so starts their RescueRomance.
    * A backstory chapter in Manga/Template:Challengers reveals that
    Souichi's homophobia was caused by almost being raped by one of his male
    professors. Morinaga came to his rescue, which might have set up a
    RescueRomance for the two... if not for Morinaga being a gay guy and
    Souichi being violently anti-gay after that incident.
    ** However, four or five years later the two do get a romance in
    TheTyrantFallsInLove, although Souichi finds it hard coming to terms
    with his homosexuality for a long time and generally likes to pretend
    * The Watermelon Island chapters of [[Manga/RanmaOneHalf Ranma
    , which provide Kuno with a temporary powerup that puts him well
    above Ranma's league (and also conveniently give him amnesia that
    [[LaserGuidedAmnesia preserves his kendo skills, but does away with his
    pesky "nobility" and "chivalry"]]) culminate in him terrorizing a
    PrimalFear thoroughly freaked-out girl-Ranma, making the
    none-too-subtle threat that he's about to have his way with her and it's
    impossible for her to defeat him. Since, for once, she really can't
    beat him up, she outsmarts him so he smacks himself with his wooden
    sword, which helps him regain his memory.
    ** The anime also included a Rescuer version of this trope. One episode
    has Ranma suffering LossOfIdentity after getting smashed on the head in
    the koi pond, replacing his normal personality with that of a timid,
    stereotypically nice girl. Towards the episode's end, Happosai attempts
    to take advantage of Ranma's mangled mentality- and when his attempt to
    just grope her is foiled, he starts flailing his arms and legs around
    and crying like a little baby, whereupon "New Ranma" is compelled to
    offer to let him have his way with her if that will make him feel
    better. Akane immediateley intervenes and sends Happosai flying out
    through the window, horrified by this turn of events.
    * This is the act that effectively MoralEventHorizon clinches
    Aoshima as a villain in his first appearance in Manga/AhMyGoddess.
    Fortunately, even though Belldandy is caught off guard for a variety of
    reasons, she manages to stop him with her abilities as a goddess --
    namely, a liberal dose of lightning. The last episode of the season has
    a similar scene with an aged-up Skuld as the victim, with older sister
    Urd stepping in to fry him again.
    * Many moments in the Template:Hentai series MahouShoujoAi (aka Sexy
    Magical Girl
    ). Often times, the victim is in the middle of it when
    ActionGirl Ai steps in.
    * Happens twice in one episode of GlassFleet, almost simultaneously:
    pretty young pilot Eimer gets tossed into a cell full of big scary
    prisoners, but ActionGirl manages to fend them off long enough for
    the hero to join her; meanwhile, the SweetPollyOliver gets drugged by
    the villain for nefarious purposes... but he apparently
    [[UnsettlingGenderReveal backs off in disgust upon realizing she's not a
    ** It's possible that he still raped her even after he discovered she
    was a woman, as she does wake up completely naked. At the very least,
    she makes it clear from her ShowerOfAngst and some later dialogue with
    the hero that she believes she was raped.
    * Hinako Aikawa, the female lead of the manga Manga/BitterVirgin,
    experiences an AttemptedRape midway through the series. She is rescued
    by BerserkerTears male lead Daisuke. It is because of this action
    does she realize not all men are like said rapist.
    * Happens to Sara Ringwalt in NowAndThenHereAndThere, when she is
    used as part of a breeding program. After being successfully raped at
    least once, she fights off a later attempt and escapes her imprisonment.
    * In MahouSenseiNegima, just as Tsukuyomi ([[FoeYay her
    rival/enemy]]) stripped her down to her undergarments with a [[Template:Obake
    Demon]] [[Template:Onmyodo Charm]], and pinned her down with her
    [[Template:Sarashi chest wrappings]] ClothingDamage sliced off by the
    StalkerWithACrush Stalker's sword, Setsuna barely managed to summon
    a floating Tanto to send at the PsychoLesbian's back, managing to nick
    her scarf off. Before the battle could go on, Tsukuyomi was
    [[Template:Telepathy telepathically]] called away by her superior Fate as he
    was retreating. Of all things, Setsuna was most humiliated by the fact
    that she was defeated.
    * In Dramacon, the protagonist Christie is nearly raped by her drunk
    boyfriend Derek---apparently he feels she isn't giving him enough
    attention due to all the time she's been spending with her crush
    Matt(who incidentally goes back to try and pulverize Derek after
    Christie tells him what happened.)
    * This happens to Miaka in FushigiYuugi at least three
    times--thankfully Tamahome keeps saving her.
    ** YuuWatase seems to be particularly fond of this trope, especially
    with teenage heroines -- it also happens at least twice in {{Alice
    * In Manga/ShoujoSect, Shinobu gets sexually harassed by one of her
    many female admirers. The attempt gets interrupted by the interference
    of Shinobu's childhood friend and love interest Momoko, who promptly
    spoiler:knocks down the assailant with a fire extinguisher.
    * In [Mezzo Forte], the
    BigBad captures the ActionGirl and leaves her with his HiredGuns who
    proceed to graphically rape her. It is an example of AttemptedRape
    because the girl they rape is NOT ActionGirl, but a
    DeceptivelyHumanRobots look-alike robot.
    * In VisualNovel/Template:Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni [[spoiler: those
    three boys who BreakTheCutie Rena beat with a BatterUp bat, had
    attempted to rape her. That also may have been one of the things that
    tempted her to InterruptedSuicide suicide.]]
    ** [[spoiler: When Shion is consumed by the HatePlague, it's implied
    she's going to do this to Keichii. The arrival of a police search party
    on her family grounds cuts the attempt short.]]
    * Played straight in Manga/AngelDensetsu, soon after Ryoko is introduced
    (Kitano saves her). Doubly lampshaded too, when some random thugs wants
    to check out MuggingTheMonster Ikuno's PantyShot panties.
    * In chapter 9 of Manga/MiraiNikki, [[spoiler:Tsubaki threatens to
    have her followers rape Yuno unless Yukiteru comes out of hiding and
    confronts her.]]
    ** Not just "threaten", [[spoiler: she actually uses her remaining hand
    to tear off Yuno's blouse and then orders her followers to strip her by
    force and get ready to gangrape her, saying this out loud so Yukiteru
    can hear her.]]
    * In TheFiveStarStories HeroicSociopath Schaft tries to rape
    Lachesis during the enormous snafu known generally as the Emperor's
    Rescue Mission. He bites LadyOfWar much more than he could swallow,
    though. But the trope gets then subverted, because not only he manages
    to KarmaHoudini escape consequences, but he gets so much impressed
    that he declares himself DefeatMeansFriendship Lachesis' eternal knight.
    * In HotGimmick, Ryoki saves Hatsumi from several guys who were
    attempting to rape her by stabbing one of the would-be rapists in the
    face with a ballpoint pen.
    ** Ryoki himself also tries to rape and/or assault Hatsumi several
    times, but is always thwarted by a third person walking in on them.
    * In Kaze Hikaru, Okita saves Sei from being raped [[spoiler: even
    though they don't even know she is a girl.]]
    * In the Thriller Back arc of Manga/OnePiece, [[Template:Invisibility
    Absalom]]'s attack on Nami in her shower has distinct overtones of this.
    * PerfectBlue: Near the end of the film the stalker Me-Mania
    attempts to rape and kill Mima but she knocks him out by slamming a
    hammer into the side of his head.
    * LightNovel/StrawberryPanic: Hikari by Kaname, twice. Yaya also
    comes on to Hikari too strong not long after she was almost raped by
    Kaname and she shoves Yaya to the ground.
    * Occurs several times in WolfGuyWolfenCrest to Akiko Aoshika. Then
    we learn that she was raped in her DarkAndTroubledPast. [[spoiler:
    And then she gets gangraped by Haguro and his Template:Yakuza goons.]]
    ** Kuroda takes a break from blowing up stuff (and students) to try to
    rape Noriko, the local Template:Meganekko, with his gun. Fortunately,
    Inugami interrupts him.
    * ElfenLied: In one chapter The Unknown Man unexpectedly barged into
    Kouta's house and would have raped and murdered Mayu (just because he
    could) had it not been for some last minute intervention from Bandou.
    ** In episode 5 Professor Kakuzawa drugs and attempts to rape Lucy but
    she simply beheads him before he can.
    * In Manga/KarateShoukoushiKohinataMinoru, there's Pedro, the
    Brazilian martial artist and transfer student. It turns out that he was
    the masked rapist that went around buttraping a bunch of male martial
    arts students, and he ends up setting his sights on Minoru, the pretty
    boy protagonist. Of course, his depraved, rapist tendencies are played
    as comedy, and eventually the main characters forgive him and have him
    join their karate club. And even make Minoru room with him. Which
    results in him trying several times to rape Minoru (including an
    instance where Pedro went pantless with his junk out, in the middle of
    the night, to try to buttrape Minoru while Minoru was unconscious and
    drunk). Fortunately, Minoru was getting sick in the bathroom so Pedro
    winded up climbing into the bed of one of the karate instructors who
    quickly woke up and Pedro took that chance to run away.
    * The monster woman Mine tries to rape Nai in the first chapter of
    Template:Karneval but Gareki ends up saving Nai.
    * In the yaoi manga Manga/UnderGrandHotel inmates like Sen are
    frequently raped. However, on one occasion Sen defended himself against
    a rapist by poking the guy's eye out with a cross necklace. Another time
    he was nearly raped before a bunch of guards found out and put a stop to it.
    * In the BL manga EerieQueerie! there are two examples of this:
    first in volume two when Mikuni has Hasunama's ghost (because he's in a
    coma from saving Mitsuo after he was pushed out a window [[spoiler:by
    Kanau]]) at his command so he decides to have some fun.... Mitsuo goes
    to Hasunama's body at the hospital to make sure no ghosts kidnap it as
    their own, he's too late and chases it (later revealed to be
    spoiler:Kanau trying to be helpful and returning the body) to the
    temple where they fall through the screen door and...
    CrowningMomentofFunny Mitsuo goes into a [[BerserkButton fit of
    rage]] and [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass beats Mikuni to the point that
    he has to wear a mask]]. Then [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment this is never
    spoken of again]] and they continue to hang around with the pervert/rapist.
    ** The second time is after spoiler:Mikuni has turned into a baby
    and the team goes to some mediums to find a way to cure him. Possession
    takes place, evil curses and charms that stop Mitsuo from moving but
    fortunately Mikuni saves the day... The fact that [[spoiler:his curse
    ended just in time]] is lampshaded by Mitsuo: 'how does that work?!'
    * Template:Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun: Reika's [[Template:Yandere alternate
    personality]] tries to rape Shungo in the 11th episode, but is forced to
    stop when told by her subordinate that there are intruders.
    * SpeedGrapher: Dr. Nishiya, on Kagura.
    * QueensBlade: The first frightening scene in the franchise actually
    played straight, when Nowa-chan is kidnapped by a gang of rapists and
    thrown onto a stable floor... but thankfully rescued by Echidna at the
    last second.
    * Osanai tries to rape Template:Paprika but the Chairman interrupts and
    tries to kill her.
    * People tend to think of TVGenius Nina Einstein from
    Anime/CodeGeass [[RonTheDeathEater as a crazy xenophobe who hates
    the Japanese]] just ForTheEvulz. Sadly, [[DarkAndTroubledPast it's way
    more complex than that]]. Not only is this trope apparently invoked in
    her backstory ([[spoiler: she once got lost in a ghetto and barely
    escaped from being raped there]]), though spoken of in the series
    itself, it does occur again during the Hotel episode. [[spoiler: Much of
    the student council gets captured by Japanese terrorists intending to
    use the Sakuradite conference being held there as a stage to declare
    their continued existence. Nina, already terrified of Japanese people,
    goes and accidentally blurts out the highly insulting term for them:
    Eleven. The terrorist who hears her grabs her, and tells her that "he'll
    teach her a lesson", with her friends trying to defuse the situation.
    She's only saved from being gangraped and murdered by the timely
    intervention of Princess Euphemia, who uses the revelation of her
    identity to save Nina.]] Also turns into a [[RescueRomance rescue
    crush]]... If somewhat hampered by Nina's being a lesbian, and
    spoiler: Euphemia's... well, not being one, or at least preferring
    spoiler: Suzaku.
    * In CageOfEden, it seems that if you're a girl, this trope follows you
    around like a lost puppy. Kusuru-sensei, Oomori and Rion were almost
    raped, and the rest of the girls...well, the same couldn't be said for
    them, notably Oomori's senpai, who was raped TO DEATH
    * In GunXSword, Van has to defend Wendy from a sexual predator in an
    early episode. She faints after the threat is over, and caring for her
    gives him a chance to display that he's got [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold a
    tender side]].
    * In Template:Mai-Otome, one of Tomoe's plans to [[MurderTheHypotenuse
    remove Arika as competition for Shizuru's attention]] is to have her
    raped (carried out by a gang apparently hired by proxy through
    ExtremeDoormat Miya), as having sex destroys the nanomachines that
    Otomes use. Sergay arrives and forces off the rapists, and Nao captures
    them before subjecting them to her special [[PayEvilUntoEvil brand of
    punishment]] by dragging them from a boat through the city's canals.
    * This infamously happens in KarakuridoujiUltimo, between
    [[Template:Yandere Rune]] and [[Template:TheHero Yamato]]. It has caused a
    [[Template:InternetBackdraft major controversy]] in the fandom, as some
    already had a problem with Rune's HoYay / FoeYay with Yamato.
    ** And, it's because of this that the American Shonen Jump pulled Ultimo
    out of the magazine.
    * KaichouWaMaidSama: Tora Igarashi on Misaki.
    * Weirdly subverted in LightNovel/Template:Kampfer. Senou is brainwashed
    and sent to rape spoiler:Shizuku, but he's such a ChasteHero that
    after he pushes her onto the bed, he doesn't know what to do. The
    would-be victim has to lead him on. Then she gives up and knocks him
    * Anime/Template:InuYasha: MasterPoisoner Mukotsu captures
    TheHeroine Kagome and attempts to rape her. Although she's almost
    paralyzed, she still fights back and attacks him, but while her effort
    does stop the rape it also manages to infuriate him and he decides to
    just kill her instead. She's saved first by [[BigDamnHeroes Miroku and
    Sango]], and ultimately by IWasJustPassingThrough Sesshoumaru
    who kills Mukotsu. The anime, however, [[Template:Disneyfication "softens"]]
    this scene into a AndNowYouMustMarryMe bizarre marriage ceremony
    * In Manga/HighschoolOfTheDead Saeko admits that she was almost
    raped when she was younger and [[OffscreenMomentOfAwesome beat said
    rapist]] within an inch of his life.
    * spoiler: Ringo on spoiler:Tabuki-sensei, in episode 8 of
    Anime/MawaruPenguindrum. Until then, her attempts to get his
    attention were treated as RuleOfFunny, and her feverish humping of
    Shouma as BlackComedyRape; this one, however, as DudeNotFunny NOT
    PlayedForLaughs, as it marks how utterly screwed up she is.
    ** And in episode 11, [[spoiler: Ringo drugs Tabuki with a LovePotion
    that makes him lust for her, but when she backs off she barely escapes
    being in the receiving end of this at the hands of a Tabuki who is
    very much NotHimself.]]
    ** Happens again in episode 14, between spoiler: a drugged-up Ringo
    and [[spoiler: Tabuki...'s girlfriend, YuriGenre Yuri. Who does this
    because Ringo looks a lot like her sister Momoka, Yuri's lost love.]]
    * In the movie version of Manga/Template:Akira Tetsuo and his girlfriend
    Kaori are captured by the Clown gang, they start feeling up Kaori then
    they rip off her shirt and knock her unconscious, before they can do
    anything Kaneda and the rest of the gang arrive to save them.
    * OuranHighSchoolHostClub: Kyoya tries this on Haruhi in episode 8
    but she figures out he's faking. Probably.
    * RevolutionaryGirlUtena: At one point Nanami gets the Akio Car
    treatment, where Touga attempts to rape her, which she fights off in fright.
    * FrankenFran: ChewToy Officer Kuhou was almost raped by a
    RealityWarper who couldn't control his sexual impulses. He snapped out
    of it after she fired in the air.
    * RosarioPlusVampire: Miyabi tries to rape Mizore at one point.
    * Manga/SkipBeat gives us spoiler: Reino in the forest with
    spoiler: Kyouko with a spine-shivering creepy lead-up that is
    completely and utterly ruined by the arrival of the moment's
    BigDamnHeroes Big Damn Hero: spoiler: Fuwa Sho
    * PetShopOfHorrors: In the original manga series, D almost gets
    raped three times by EvenTheGuysWantHim men; Leon prevents two of
    them. One of those rape attempts included a kiss and getting to second
    * In SaintBeast, Pandora, who is very beautiful and slight for an
    angel, gets assaulted in the woods by a group of stronger angels.
    Fortunately TheHero Judas happens to be passing by and flies into a
    rage when he realizes what's happening.
    * HaouAiren: More than once, but special note goes to [[spoiler: the
    TooDumbToLive triad guys who grab the escaping and BSOD'ing Kurumi and
    attempt to make her a SexSlave]] and [[spoiler: Reilan having her
    schoolmates try to rape Kurumi, out of jealousy and as a part of her
    ThanatosGambit.]]. Hakuron saves her both times, of course. Which
    doesn't stop him from sexing her up in non-con/dub-con ways, tho.
    * HellSing: The vampire preacher planned on raping Seras Victoria
    before killing her, since she was a virgin and he didn't want an "equal"
    vampire. Fortunately Alucard steps in before it gets to that, although
    the preacher gets a few good gropes in for effect.
    ** Then there's Jan wanting to rape, kill, and rape Integra. In that order.
    * In one episode, a random guy approached Template:Karin and said she has
    a pretty nice body. When she tried to get away he grabbed her and pulled
    her down a alley. Thankfully Karin's sister saved her.
    * WordsWorth: LightIsNotGood Fabris becomes obsessed with
    LadyOfWar Sharon, upon first seeing, her in battle. He brazenly
    expresses his intention to rape her, and [[AttemptedRape tries to make
    good on it]] immediately upon defeating her. [[spoiler: Hyde's
    intervention, and Astral's timely arrival, keeps it from happening.]]
    * Not a rare occurrence in Template:Basilisk. [[spoiler: Yakushiji Tenzen
    tries this twice on Oboro and once on Kagerou. Azuki Rousai and Amayo
    Jingorou both try to rape Okoi.]] With this many attempts, it kind of
    makes you wonder, how nobody ever succeeds in finishing the job.
    * In BlackJack, a high school girl goes to Black Jack for surgery on
    her throat. After failing to observe the rest period after the surgery,
    it looks like her only chance to speak again is if she stays quiet for a
    full year, at which point he'd give her a synthetic vocal box. As she
    takes this challenge, word gets around that she won't scream or say
    anything, prompting several guys to take advantage of the situation and
    try to rape her. She saves herself by throwing her school bag across the
    road, attracting the attention of several passerbys.
    * spoiler:Claude tries to rape Marion in Natsu e no Tobira,
    right after confessing his love for him . Shortly after [[spoiler:Claude
    commits suicide]].
    * In the Burial arc of Template:Saiyuki, 14 year-old Sanzo is pursued
    by a gang of thieves--one of whom attempts to rape him. Sanzo, who has
    never previously killed a man, shoots his attacker at point-blank range.
    Grownup!Sanzo's reactions to sexual advances and comments on his beauty
    make a lot more sense in that context.
    * Template:Macross 7: Mylene Jenius the female lead of the anime, after being
    drugged is the victim of an Template:Attempted Lesbian Rape in the Dynamite
    OVA, In that she is rescued by her bandmates. In the companion manga
    Mylene Beat, things go much further before a dragon like creature
    causes Mylene to fight off her Rapist.

folder: Comic Books

  • One of the many JumpTheShark shark jumps of {{For Better or for
    : when Elizabeth is almost raped by her co-worker, Howard Bunt.
    And Anthony saves her. And it rekindles their relationship... while
    Anthony is still married to someone else.
    ** Rekindles it FIFTEEN MINUTES AFTER THE ASSAULT, where instead of
    taking her to report the crime, he drives her to a park to whine about
    his miserable marriage and beg her to wait for him. Not only a
    JumpTheShark, but a WhatTheHellHero (as the artist at least thought of
    Anthony as a hero, no matter what many, many fans thought he was after
    * Red Robin Tim Drake is put in this situation.
    * In ComicBook/Template:Watchmen, The Comedian attempts to rape Silk
    Spectre after a team meeting, only to get the crap beaten out of him by
    Hooded Justice.
    ** Rorschach also happens upon a mugging/rape/both in progress.
    --> Rorshach: Sometimes the night is generous to me.
    * In ThePunisher MAX series, Castle comes across a woman about to be
    raped by a group of thugs in an alley. [[BerserkButton He doesn't like
    * Comicbook/Template:X-Men's Storm was nearly raped as a child by a man
    from whom she accepted a ride, but killed him with a knife.
    * In her first appearance in New X-Men, the mutant Dust [[spoiler:
    is stuck in dust form after killing a group of men; Fantomex explains
    that the men tried to remove her burqa, presumably in an attempt to rape
    * In Template:Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, it is strongly implied that
    Squee would have been molested by a man who led him into an alley,
    before Johnny showed up and [[AxCrazy smashes the pedophiles face in
    with a pipe, cuts his hand off and rips his brain out.]] Johnny
    EvenEvilHasStandards does not like child molesters.
    ** Johnny doesn't like rapists in general. When crazy copycat fanboy
    Jimmy arrives, Johnny listens to his list of crimes with disinterest,
    until Jimmy gets to the point where he raped a girl, whereupon Johnny
    kills him in an especially gruesome manner. It's implied that a large
    part of his distaste for rape is the fact that it requires actual
    physical contact, which he can't stand. He also kills people because he
    thinks they deserve it for being assholes--which includes rapists.
    * This is the reason why XWingSeries Soontir Fel went to the
    Imperial Naval Academy and became an AcePilot. Back when he was a
    FarmBoy, he very violently
    [stopped] a
    management's kid from raping someone, and was subsequently blackmailed
    into going to the academy so that he would not be there to testify at
    the trial. Much later, the management's kid kidnapped Fel's nephew and
    was shot by Fel's brother.
    * Psylocke of Comicbook/Template:X-Men once faced an attempted rape by an
    alternate universe version of BrotherSisterIncest her brother,
    [[Template:ComicBook/Excalibur Captain Britain]]. Fortunately for her, she
    discovered her previously minimal psychic powers were considerably more
    formidable than she believed at that point.
    * Occurs near the end of JossWhedon's run on [[Comicbook/Template:X-Men
    Astonishing X-Men]]
    to Agent Brand. [[spoiler: Some of the Breakworld
    soldiers are threatening to gang-rape her, whereupon she kills them with
    her heretofore only barely hinted-at alien superpowers.]]
    * In RogueTrooper, when Friday is on the way to Highsight, he comes
    across a combat mechanic from the opposing side who is about to be
    gangraped by three grunts. Gaia manages to fend one off, but then Friday
    shoots the other two.
    * In Return To Wonderland, Calie is fed drugged tea by The Mad
    Hatter. Just as the sick bastard is about to rape her, she revives and
    smashes his head with a vase. Then, she breaks off a table leg and
    proceeds to kick the everloving crap out of him.
    * PlayedForLaughs in
    [this strip]
    by Template:Quino, slightly Template:NSFW.
    * In Runaways, when the group is trapped in the early 20th century,
    [[spoiler:a man tries to rape Karolina in an alley. She quite literally
    lights his ass up.]]
    * spoiler:Miss Martian from ComicBook/TeenTitans was almost made
    into having sex with a random guy when her SuperpoweredEvilSide took
    over. Thankfully she gained control quickly, and almost killed the guy.
    * In ComicBook/AllFallDown, the super-heroine Portia experiences
    this in the middle of a fight when she loses her powers. [[spoiler:
    Rescued by The Ghoul, she spends the rest of the book coping with the
    indignity of needing to be saved.]]


folder: Fanfiction

  • In FanFic/TiberiumWars Tiberium Wars, a Nod soldier attempts
    to rape spoiler: Sandra Telfair. However, he is foiled when
    [[spoiler: Black Hand Captain Allen [[DynamicEntry smashes down the door
    to the room]] and proceeds to beat the rapist's head against the
    while BadassPreacher loudly reciting his offences
    before chucking him out a third story window]], proving that
    EvenEvilHasStandards and also providing a CrowningMomentOfAwesome.
    -->Allen: Uniform Code of Brotherhood Justice Section 2, Line 27:
    'any form of sexual assault of any kind by a member of the Brotherhood
    is considered a Class 1 Offense against the Messiah, punishable by
    summary execution.'
    ** By the same author, [[FanFic/Template:Forward Forward]] involves this
    happening twice with River. The first time, she is nearly raped by
    spoiler: Niska's men, but is saved by [[spoiler: working together
    with a UnstoppableRage pissed off Jayne.]] The second time involves
    spoiler: Reavers and paralyzing darts, which is averted by
    spoiler: a sword-and-Bible-quote-slinging Book.
    * MyImmortal has Snap forcing Enoby to SadisticChoice choose to
    stab Vampire or have Draco get raped. Snap tries to rape him anyway, but
    Enoby performs the Cruciatus Curse at the last second.
    * In the WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic fic
    "Rarity's Generous Plan," Applejack does actually get raped, but she was
    supposed to be raped one or two more times in addition to
    that! Luckily, Big Macintosh comes in to beat the crap out of the
    rapists and save her before it goes that far.
    * In Fanfic/SoullessShell, Leif catches FatBastard Ar[[FatIdiot
    no]]TooDumbToLive ld, a former member of the council who escaped
    after he was sentenced to death for rape, trying to rape a young mouse
    maid. Leif NoHoldsBarredBeatdown kills him on the spot after
    OneWingedAngel transforming into a demon.
    * In any DannyPhantom fanfiction where Danny starts dating Kitty,
    Johnny 13 is usually just about tp rape her when Danny swoops in.

folder: Film
* Early on in TrainingDay, Hoyt stops a rape attempt on a girl while
on patrol. This comes back to help him later on when [[spoiler: the
girl's cousins are about to kill him and then realize he was the one who
saved her.]]
* Both the movie and comic book of VForVendetta have this happening
to Evey. She's saved by the title character.
* Happens in the first Template:Film/Spider-Man movie. A gang attempts to
gang-rape Mary Jane, then Spider-Man shows up and kicks their asses,
earning Spider-Man the iconic upside down kiss.
* The Template:Film/Supergirl movie has the title heroine beat up two
truckers who try to rape her (of course given that she's [[SuperStrength
super strong]] it doesn't go very well for them). Amusingly, one is Matt
Frewer in a pre-Template:Max Headroom role.
* Film/BackToTheFuture has an interesting example, in that it
follows a InvokedTrope staged instance of DateRapeAverted.
* Film/Template:Teeth: A rape is quite violently ended by the titular
VaginaDentata teeth. 'Nuff said.
* In HardRain, spoiler:The deputy tries to rape Karen after
spoiler:the sherrif makes it clear that there could be no witnesses.
* Terry Tsurugi in the grindhouse flick The Street Fighter stops a
guy trying to rape Sarai Hammet, the woman he's been hired to protect by
a DragonLady who has since turned against him. And he does it by
GroinAttack tearing the guy's balls right off. Yeah, it's that
kind of movie.
* A subversion of sorts occurs in Revenge of the Ninja; a woman is
about to be attacked/raped, the titular ninja turns up, eliminates the
beefy assailant in about three seconds, then hypnotizes the would-be
victim and sends her off on an errand.
* Film/QuantumOfSolace: [[spoiler: General Medrano's going to do
this to some poor hotel waitress before ActionGirl Camille enters
the room and proceeds to kick his ass.]]
** Considering that [[spoiler: in the past the General had also
succeeded in raping Camille's sister and mother]], it's poetic justice.
* FaceOff: Castor Troy (as Archer) roughs up Archer's daughter's
boyfriend when he tries to does this to her after parking up his car in
front of Archer's house.
* In FridayThe13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan a pair of street
thugs drug and try to rape FinalGirl Rennie, who is only saved when
Jason (whose chased Rennie all the way from Crystal Lake) shows up kills
the two thugs, RuleOfCool impaling one with a syringe and smashing
the head of the other off a hot steam pipe.
** Similarly, Gibb of FreddyVsJason presumably ingests some date
rape drugs at a rave and falls unconscious, with a glow stick covered
sleaze happening upon her a few minutes later. As the guy tries to rape
Gibb, who should come along but Jason, who impales the two of them with
a broken tractor harrow. Also near the end, when [[spoiler:Lori, trapped
in her nightmare by Freddy, while wearing a nightgown, is about to raped
by said madman before waking up.]]
** As one reviewer put it: "We learn that Jason [[BerserkButton objects
to forced sex even more than he does to the voluntary kind.]]
EvenEvilHasStandards And good on him for that."
* In one scene in RoboCop, the titular cyborg interrupts an
attempted rape. The attacker then tries to use his victim as a human
shield, not knowing GroinAttack just how accurate Murphy's
gun-targeting systems now are.
* An attempted rape in a nightclub parking lot and what happens to the
rapist afterwards starts the crazy roadtrip in ThelmaAndLouise.
* In GoneWithTheWind, in a scene toned down considerably from its
counterpart in the book, Scarlett is attacked by two hobos while riding
through a poor part of town.
** Rhett also tries to rape... wait, VictimFallsForRapist no he doesn't.
* TwentyEightDaysLater 28 Days Later: Jim's
RoaringRampageOfRevenge bloody rampage ends with him rescuing his
love interest, Selena, from the soldiers who planned to rape her.
Arguably leads to an atypical Template:Rescue Romance, with Template:Action Girl
Selena falling for Jim - admittedly this had already been set in motion
earlier in the movie.
** He was moving so fast and violently, she thought he was infected, and
was ready to kill him until he came to a full stop before her. When
asked if she would have killed him, she says "In a heartbeat".
* Hud has the title character nearly raping housekeeper Alma while
drunk. His nephew Lonnie stops him.
* When the Bride in KillBill wakes up from her coma, she immediately
plays pretends to still be asleep when a nurse and a john come in the
room. She discovers that the nurse has been pimping out her comatose
body as well as taking liberties with it himself- and that her
reproductive plumbing has been damaged so that there's no worry about it
being discovered. Unluckily for them, now that the Bride's conscious,
even paralyzed from the waist down she promptly brutalizes the john and
waits next to the door to do the same to the nurse.
* spoiler: Freddy keeps getting up close and personal with
spoiler: Nancy throughout the Template:Remake of ANightmareOnElmStreet,
but it comes to a peak in the climax, where [[spoiler: he traps her on a
bed and starts feeling her up.]] Crisis averted when [[spoiler:
Nancy]]'s friend finally wakes her and they kick the spit out of him.
* There was an attempted rape scene in, of all movies, Beethoven's
. Yes, a PG-rated family movie. Made even worse by the fact that
both characters (the rapist and the victim) were underage. The victim is
saved in the nick of time by Beethoven. This scene was heavily
criticized by many critics as seeming out of place in an otherwise
innocuous comedy.
* In BookOfEli a character is about to be raped when the would-be
rapist recieves an arrow to the... well let's just call it a case of
poetic justice.
* In Template:Slugs, Pam manages to fight off the would-be rapist and run
away, but ends up slugfood.
* In Template:Alien3, a group of prisoners attempt to rape Ripley, but
she struggles and Dillon shows up with a crowbar.
* In TheExpendables, a pair of Garza's soldiers who are
TooDumbToLive not terribly bright try to rape Sandra while she is
being help captive in the palace's basement. Then [[SylvesterStallone
Ross shows up]], and [[CurbstompBattle expresses his disagreement with
their actions.]] And his disagreement is [[Template:Gorn very sharp.]]
* GirlWithAPearlEarring: Van Ruijven to Griet.
* King Einon does this to Kara in Template:Dragonheart, and she stabs him
to drive him away. It works. In the [[AdaptationDistillation expanded
novelization]] of the film, [[spoiler:there's no attempt - he does rape

folder: Literature

  • A man at a party tries to rape Jelka Tolonen in David Wingrove's
    ChungKuo series. Really not a smart idea, as he is beaten more than
    half to death.
    * [The
    One Who Waited
    ], the main character, Alice, is nearly raped after
    refusing to have sex with a childhood friend after their first date.
    * Both types of foiling happen in ASongOfIceAndFire: Sansa is
    rescued from rape twice, once from an angry mob and once from
    [[Template:Casanova a creep with busy hands]]. Cue BodyguardCrush: the first
    rescue is performed by the Hound, and during the second, her first
    thought of who's come to rescue her is immediately, and illogically,
    that it's the Hound once more. In the second variety, ActionGirl Brienne
    bites the ear off a man who tries to rape her, which proves to be a
    sufficient turnoff. Of course, then he throws her in a pit to fight a
    bear, but what can you do?
    * Happens in every single one of TheSwordOfTruth books. Some women
    actually fight off their attackers. Others are saved by men. And a whole
    mess of 'em RapeAsDrama aren't so lucky.
    ** Subverted in the first book when Richard shows up to rescue Kahlan,
    but later figures out that due to her magic powers she wasn't actually
    in any danger.
    * When Literature/HonorHarrington was a Midshipwoman at the Saganami
    Island Naval Academy, another Midshipman, Lord Pavel Young, took great
    offense when Honor rebuffed his romantic overtures in public one day. To
    teach her a lesson, he approached her in the showers one night in an
    attempt to reiterate her proper station with respect to his noble birth.
    She took exception to his efforts. Her birth on a high-gravity world and
    extensive studying of martial arts, not to mention her presence on the
    Saganami Island unarmed combat team, allowed her to violently thwart his
    efforts to rape her, and were sufficient in insuring his necessary
    recuperation at the Island's hospital facilities. Honor never did report
    his actions to the Commandant, as she feared that nobody would believe
    that the noble son of the wealthy Earl of North Hollow would have been
    interested in the unattractive daughter of a Sphinx yeoman, and their
    bitter rivalry would stalk her throughout their years of military service.
    * In Literature/Template:Twilight two men herd Bella towards their two
    friends in order to do this. Luckily Edward [[ComeWithMeIfYouWantToLive
    arrives just in time.]]
    ** In NewMoon while Bella and Jessica are going out, Bella believes
    she sees the would-be-rapists when she realises that she hears Edward's
    voice while in danger. Because of this she approaches them but Jessica
    convinces Bella to stop. It turns out not to be the same guys anyway,
    and in fact in Midnight Sun we find out Edward had gotten them
    arrested before that point.
    * In Template:The Bourne Identity, the novel, not the movie, Marie is
    almost raped and murdered by one of Carlos' Mooks before Jason decides
    to save her.
    * In CloudOfSparrows, Emily is almost gang-raped by her three
    adoptive brothers; they are only stopped when their mother walks in.
    * In SandyMitchell's Template:Warhammer 40000 novel Scrouge the Heretic,
    while Kyrlock and Elyra are waiting to get on the off-planet ship, their
    guide tries to rape Zusen, a telepathic girl who is also waiting.
    [[spoiler:When Elyra objects, he tells her [[EvilCannotComprehendGood
    that she can join the fun]]. Kyrlock says that Elyra wouldn't, but
    FakeDefector he would -- and thereby gets close enough to brain him.
    Elyra shoots him as well. Zusen, between her fragile emotional state and
    her ability to read in his mind what he intended, is overwhelmingly
    grateful at first, and rather withdrawn after.]]
    * In LloydAlexander's The High King, the final volume of the
    PrydainChronicles, Princess Eilonwy finds herself a prisoner of the
    outlaw band led by the ruffian Dorath, who had menaced protagonist Taran
    in the preceding book. Once Dorath realizes who Eilonwy is to Taran, he
    says that when she's reunited with the hero, he will find that she has
    few charms left. It's never explicitly stated that he intends to rape
    her, but the implication is there; the language is vague enough for
    young children to realize only that she's in danger. Before he can
    actually lay a hand on her, however, she's rescued by a group of wolves
    and bears.
    * In GrahamMcNeill's Template:Warhammer 40000 HorusHeresy novel Fulgrim,
    Serena starts crying and claims AttemptedRape [[spoiler: to get Lucius
    to help cover up her murder]].
    * In the BackStory of WilliamShakespeare's TheTempest, Caliban tried
    to rape Miranda.
    * In EdgarRiceBurroughs's JohnCarterOfMars A Princess Of Mars,
    Tal Hajus declares that he will rape Dejah Thoris. John Carter
    intervenes. With Tal Hajus dead, they try to escape.
    -->"If we make it, my chieftain, the debt of Helium will be a mighty
    one; greater than she can ever pay you; and should we not make it," she
    continued, "the debt is no less, though Helium will never know, for you
    have saved the last of our line from [[FateWorseThanDeath worse than

    ** In The Chessman of Mars, Tara is to be put of as the stakes in
    GladiatorGames. A noble comes to see what she is like before fighting,
    and she stabs him. She is still put up as the stakes -- and she and
    another woman are to be the prizes of the winning side, not just one of
    them. [[spoiler:Fortunately, the hero manages to get in the game, and
    fill his own side with men who will support him.]]
    * In WenSpencer's Endless Blue, spoiler:Butcher tries to rape
    spoiler:Eraphie Bailey, and Mikhail shoots him to death.
    * In GoneWithTheWind, Scarlett is attacked by "a big ragged white
    man and a squat black negro" while riding through a bad part of town.
    * Pick a series by PiersAnthony. Any series by [[AuthorAppeal Piers
    * In the Template:Dragonlance novel 'Dragons of Spring Dawning' both
    types of foiling occur when Bakaris attempts to rape Laurana. First
    Template:Cloudcuckoolander Tasslehoff Burrfoot comes to her defense, stabbing
    Bakaris right when he has Laurana at his mercy. Then with Bakaris
    distracted Laurana attacks him in a frenzy and succeeds in killing him.
    * Template:Speak: Andy Evans tries to [[spoiler:rape Melinda in her broom
    closet at the climax but she fights him off]].
    ** The girls' lacrosse team helped.
    ** Subverted offscreen before the book started. [[spoiler: He did rape
    * In Tracy Chevalier's novel "Girl With A Pearl Earring" (adapted into a
    film in 2003) van Ruijven, a patron of Johannes Vermeer, accosts Griet
    one morning while she's hanging up laundry, pushes her against a wall,
    and tries to tear her clothes from her but is stopped when Cornelia
    arrives asking what he's doing. His intentions are made more apparent in
    the film when he tells her that she's "ripe as a plum but still unplucked".
    * In the BloodyJack series this pretty much occurs every book
    towards the titular Jacky.
    * In Aaron Dembski-Bowden's Template:Warhammer 40000 NightLords novel Soul
    , an attempt to deprive the Night Lord Talos of two slaves he
    values goes awry when the men sent to do it drag Eurydice off for this
    instead. Talos, having saved the other slave, charges into a stronghold
    of his enemies to get her back, killing the men involved. One of them
    would have gotten away if only he had fled; Talos had retrieved Eurydice
    and only thought of getting her to safety.
    * This trope tends to end badly in Literature/{{Digital Devil
    . The first time, Loki's trying to use his NaughtyTentacles on
    Yumiko but[[spoiler: her neck is snapped by her jealous teacher before
    Loki can do the deed]]. The second time, Loki tries to rape [[spoiler:
    the goddess Izanami herself, but he is defeated by Nakajima before he
    can do the deed.]]
    * In RobertEHoward's ConanTheBarbarian story "Literature/RedNails" Olmec
    tries this on Valeria. spoiler:The rescue is even worse.
    * In L. Jagi Lamplight's ProsperosDaughter Prospero Lost,
    Miranda is passionate about rapists ever since the time, in the
    BackStory (of this and TheTempest) when Caliban had tried to rape her.
    * Happens to Erik in Susan Kay's Phantom by Javert. He escapes by
    spoiler:murdering him, with a knife.
    * In the LeftBehind book Kingdom Come, an unbelieving under-100
    "natural" attempts to assault a female "glorified" in the hopes of
    siring a child that may be able to [[DeathsHourglass live past 100 years
    of age without becoming a believer]]. God foiled the attempt by having
    the would-be rapist die in her arms and then incinerated. Given that in
    the book series the "glorifieds" are [[ImmortalProcreationClause not
    able to sire or have children]], this would have proved to be pointless.
    * In Across the Universe, Amy goes out jogging in the middle of "the
    Season", which is basically when the population of the ship is dosed up
    on hormones to encourage them to reproduce. She doesn't consider how
    potent the hormones are, and finds herself caught by a group of guys who
    want to have sex with her and can't tell that she's unwilling. Also, one
    of the guys in the group is unaffected by the drugs and just wants to
    rape her. She's saved when another unaffected person knocks the guys
    over the head and takes her inside.
    * Occurs twice with the same characters in Template:Literature/Cerberon.
    After Junapur loses a challenge to rescue Thedrik, Lubek attempts to
    rape her, but is stopped by Cathern. Later, in a very creepy scene, he
    tries to rape her again while she's sleeping, and she stabs him to death.
    * Lord Arlington in the Louisa May Alcott book The Inheritance tries
    to seduce Edith many times but each time she rejects him. The final time
    she rejects him he reacts very angrily and it's implied that he means to
    rape her but Lord Percy shows up and Arlington departs.

folder: Live Action TV

  • Happens to Edith in an episode of AllInTheFamily. At first, her
    attacker -- he had posed as a cop, pretending to be searching for a
    rapist in the neighborhood -- is too smart for Edith's attempts to fight
    him off, but eventually, she shoves a burning cake in his face and
    kneeing him in the groin, causing him to fall onto the porch and forcing
    him to flee.
    ** And to Gloria in an earlier episode, although that one happens
    offscreen and is less about the assault itself than her reaction to it:
    Gloria decides not to press charges against her attacker due to the
    humiliation she'll face in court.
    *** Of course, when Gloria finds out that Edith isn't planning to press
    charges either, she is duly outraged, to the point of bringing her
    mother to tears by screaming that she's ashamed of her and declaring,
    "IHaveNoSon You're not my mother anymore!." This is less
    [[Template:Hypocrite hypocrisy]] on Gloria's part than overlooked continuity
    on the part of the writers; still, the failure to CallBack the earlier
    episode was a missed dramatic opportunity.
    **** And Gloria had a cop telling her what her attacker's defense
    attorney would do if she did press charges. In Edith's case, that guy
    had already been caught more than once but no one would step forward.
    Nothing really was stopping her but herself. And Gloria's attempted rape
    was mentioned more than once in that episode.
    **** Or else it is Gloria's way of working through her guilt. Daughters
    can feel as though they can correct their mistakes by living vicariously
    through their mothers just as mothers live vicariously through their
    * Series/Template:Heroes: Claire almost gets raped by the JerkJock of her
    school, but he ends up killing her before he does anything.
    (GoodThingYouCanHeal She got better.)
    ** She gets revenge by ramming his car into a brick wall. While he's in
    it. GoodThingYouCanHeal She gets better. He doesn't. And then her
    dad has the rapist's memory wiped. All of it.
    ** Claire was almost raped again in season 4, this time by
    spoiler:Sylar as part of an intended DeusSexMachina.
    *** It's debatable whether or not he actually wanted to rape her--he
    had to touch her to use Lydia's ability, so he kissed her. Creepy as
    hell, but he didn't seem to be ready to go further than that.
    [[spoiler:The fact that he got [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome stabbed in the
    eye with a pencil]] deterred him either way, though.]]
    * In Series/BattlestarGalacticaReimagined Battlestar Galactica,
    Cally bites off part of an attempted rapist's ear.
    ** Helo and Tyrol arrive just in time to save Sharon from her would-be
    rapist. The extended version on DVD shows them interrupting the rape
    * Spike attempts to rape Buffy in BuffyTheVampireSlayer, requiring
    Buffy to fight him off.
    ** With their relationship the way it was, an eventual misunderstanding
    seemed inevitable. But half the fanbase treats the incident as
    AttemptedRape (he was using force, he hurt her, and he had to be fought
    off) and the other half as NearRapeExperience (rape was never his intent
    and he backed off when he realised the misunderstanding). The two
    sides... don't get along well.
    *** This is an interesting example because it could be argued as both
    since it has characteristics of both. It could be claimed AttemptedRape
    because some of Spikes dialogue pretty clearly implies that he knows
    what he is doing, ie. he's trying to force her to realize her love for
    him with rape (his words are more graphic). Yet, it could be claimed
    NearRapeExperience because a later bit of dialogue after she fends him
    off plays like he only just realized what he almost did, in a what have
    I done moment.
    ** Xander tried to rape her in "The Pack" (while possessed by a hyena),
    though nobody was surprised that Buffy fought him off.
    *** And Xander was almost raped by Faith.
    **** Raped nothing. She tried to seduce him and then strangle him after
    realizing that she couldn't convince him to stay quiet about her killing
    a man.
    ***** It could be viewed as attempted raped (he firmly told her a few
    times that he wasn't interested in sex) and attempted murder.
    ***** Angel certainly took it as rape, going so far as attack Faith with
    a baseball bat.
    -->"He forgot the safety word, is that it?"
    ** And there was Katrina almost being raped by Warren
    [[AppliedPhlebotinum under the effects of a device that suppressed her
    will]]. She was less than happy about it when it wore off just in time.
    Her calling them out on it and the events that followed cemented
    Warren's slide into CompleteMonster territory and started Jonathan down
    the road toward his HeelFaceTurn.
    ** In Go Fish a member of the swim team tries this on
    MuggingTheMonster Buffy. She begins by breaking his nose, but
    doesn't get much further than that because DeanBitterman Snyder
    shows up, and of course accuses Buffy of leading him on.
    ** Later in the episode the swim coach offers Buffy to be pack raped by
    his team of monster fish. When she escapes and he is trapped with them
    --> Buffy: KarmicDeath "Wow... [[Template:Squick they really love their
    * In Series/Template:Supernatural episode Houses Of The Holy, Dean
    violently prevents a guy from raping a woman the guy's asked out on a
    date. Leading into a CarChase and [[Template:Gorn Gruesome Death]]. Yay!
    * Happens twice in the pilot episode of GossipGirl, both times
    with the DracoInLeatherPants same character as the perpetrator.
    ** Happens much later in the series, with the DracoInLeatherPants being
    the rescuer.
    * In a season one episode of TheSecretLifeOfTheAmericanTeenager,
    Grace is almost raped, but she manages to avoid it
    [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome by threatening her attackers with a broken
    bottle]] and by getting some timely assistance from Ricky. The whole
    thing was picked up on a nearby building's security camera and, for no
    apparent reason, the local news and general populace [[BlackComedyRape
    treated the footage like]] [[UnfortunateImplications it was the funniest
    thing ever]].
    * In the intro to the second season of TheSarahConnorChronicles, it
    appears that Sarah is about to be raped by one of the men who stole the
    Turk. However, ThatMakesMeFeelAngry that makes John angry.
    ThouShaltNotKill goes out the window.
    * In Template:Dollhouse, Boyd Langton punches a fellow Template:Handler
    through a plate glass window Template:Just in time to prevent a rape.
    ** This is not entirely played straight, however, as [[spoiler: the
    aforementioned handler had already committed the crime off-screen more
    than once.]] It was also a set-up - Boyd was hiding nearby, waiting for
    the handler to try it again and get punched through a plate glass window.
    * In LawAndOrderSpecialVictimsUnit's episode Undercover,
    spoiler: Olivia is almost raped by a Correction's Officer.
    spoiler:Finn busts in at the JustInTime VERY LAST SECOND and
    stops it from happening.
    * In a fifth season episode of [[BeverlyHills90210 Beverly Hills,
    90210]], Donna is almost raped by the Campus Rapist who has been
    terrorizing her college. He breaks into her apartment, waits for her in
    the dark, ties her up, and prepares to rape her [[IHaveYouNowMyPretty
    (delighting in her reveal that she is a virgin)]] [[JustInTime when her
    ex-boyfriend, David arrives to rescue her.]] David miraculously figures
    out something is wrong when Donna calls him Dave and runs in with a
    baseball bat, knocking out the rapist.
    * In the the television version of [[Series/FridayNightLights Friday
    Night Lights]], Tyra is attacked by a rapist outside a restaurant where
    she she was to meet her tutor for a missed study date. [[ActionGirl Tyra
    manages to fight off the rapist herself]] when he tries to drag her into
    her truck to rape her by burning him with the truck's cigarette lighter
    and repeatedly slamming him with the truck door. Her tutor, Landry, then
    arrives to comfort her.
    ** In the second season premiere, Tyra's attacker is back and stalking
    her. He attempts to attack her again outside a convenience store and in
    an example of Template:Chickification, this time she needs Landry to defend
    her. Landry then murders the rapist as he's escaping by hitting him in
    the head with a lead pipe. The murder and subsequent cover-up is the
    catalyst for [[RescueRomance Landry and Tyra to have a romantic
    * In Series/Template:Misfits, Alisha's power is the [[BlessedWithSuck
    ability to induce this]].
    * Template:Oz: Episode 4.16 "Famous Last Words" ? Beecher's parole comes
    up and the Aryans wish to interfere with it, Said warns Vern Schillinger
    not to interfere but Beecher is denied his chances at parole for another
    year. Schillinger and Robson attempt to rape Beecher after the
    cancellation, but Said defends him by stabbing Schillinger and Robson
    and then is charged with attempted murder.
    * Template:True Blood: At the very end of the episode "Release Me,"
    spoiler:Sookie is about to raped until [[spoiler:BadAss Godric]]
    spoiler:(whom Sookie has been trying to find for the entire episode)
    JustInTime bursts in and grabs the would-be rapist off of
    spoiler:her by the neck. The episode concludes with
    [[spoiler:Sookie's BadAss "Godric?"]] and a ReactionShot, thus
    ending with a CliffHanger.
    ** Also, at the very beginning of the following episode "Timebomb,"
    spoiler:Godric then kills the rapist by snapping his neck.
    * TheOC: Towards the end of the second season after taking cocaine
    Trey tries to do this to Marissa but she fights him off.
    * Twice in the first season of StarTrekTheOriginalSeries, both times to
    Yeoman Rand. First attempt was the titular Charlie in Charlie X, foiled
    by Kirk. Second time was Captain Kirk's evil twin in The Enemy Within,
    foiled by Rand herself. Come to think of it, it's really not surprising
    BrotherChuck she wasn't back for the second season....
    * Happens in the first episode of Template:Carnivale - Sofie gets jumped
    by a couple of gas station attendants and Ben shows up and knocks one of
    them out with a pipe, while Sofie knocks the other out with a can while
    he's distracted. This leads to some uncomfortable slut-shaming from
    Jonesy when she gets back to the Carnivale.
    * This happens to Mia, Roxie's daughter, in the pilot of "Template:Eastwick",
    but Roxie and Darryl save her.
    * StepByStep: In addition to at least four episodes where each of
    the teen-aged sisters (Dana, Karen and Al) are would-be victims, Dana
    (StaciKeenan, playing the eldest of the three) was nearly attacked by a
    middle-aged man when the two are alone at a bus station. The set-up gag
    that led to this scene had Cody annoying Dana about a wild dream where
    she was going to be attacked by a man in a suit. Dana, who is trying to
    prepare for a college interview at a Chicago-area university, tells Cody
    to go away after he intrudes on her interview, thinking the college dean
    is the predator (he was trying to brace her as they were viewing the
    Chicago skyline), but Cody still feels bad vibes and shows up just in
    time to run Dana's would-be assailant off.
    * DiffrentStrokes: In the 1984 episode "The Hitchhikers," Arnold and
    Kimberly accept a ride from a seemingly genial man who invites them to
    his apartment. It is at the apartment where he reveals his true self as
    a psychopath, drugging Arnold and nearly raping Kimberly. Arnold is able
    to escape and provide enough details to rescue Kimberly in the
    proverbial nick of time. At the episode's end, Conraid Bain (who played
    the series' patriarch, Phillip Drummond) gave a PSA where he urges
    anyone who is a victim of sexual assault to contact the police.
    * Happens in A Different World. Dwayne Wayne jumps onto the roof of
    the car to stop it.
    * In the Template:In Plain Sight episode "Stan By Me", Mary Shannon is
    mistakenly kidnapped and held captive for several hours. One of her
    captors attempts to rape her and - with her being very much an
    ActionGirl - it doesn't end well for him. She shoots him. Repeatedly.
    And then escapes.

folder: Music

  • In the Music/InsaneClownPosse song "Under the Moon," the narrator is
    sent to prison after killing a guy with his father's .45 for trying to
    rape the unnamed love interest of the song.


folder: New Media
* ILoveBees has its ActionGirl protagonist Jan fight off a guy
trying to rape a woman as a gang initiation test.

folder: Theater

  • In TheLionKing, the portion of the song The Madness of King Scar,
    where Scar tries to seduce Nala, the scene is at first played humorously
    and then MoodWhiplash abruptly switches to this with Nala screaming,
    "Get away from me!" and finally scratching him across the face with her
    claws to get him to stop.
    * In WestSideStory, Anita is roughed up and nearly gang-raped by the
    Jets when she tries to deliver a message from Maria to Tony.


folder: Mythology

  • Athenians explained the name of the Areopagus by saying the first
    trial there was when Poseidon prosecuted Ares for murder, over the death
    of his son Alirrothios. Ares was acquited on the defense that he was
    protecting his daughter Alkippe from being raped by Alirrothios.
    * Many Greek women managed to escape in transformation: Daphne into
    a laurel, from Apollo, and Cornix into a crow, from Neptune, for instance.


folder: Video Games

  • In VideoGame/AssassinsCreedI, Altair can save women in the streets
    who are being harassed by gangs of armed thugs who are threatening and
    groping them. Though it's never [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar exactly stated
    what they intended to do]], the rescued citizens indicate just what they
    believe the thugs were planning. If you bother listening to the guards
    chatter, they are accusing the women of stealing from someone in front
    of them. Whether that's an excuse or not is not known.
    ** In the sequel, when Vieri de Pazzi ambushes Ezio and his family
    outside Monterigionni, he says that "I have such things planned for
    your mother and sister!" He doesn't outright say it, but its very clear
    what he's going to do. Fortunately, Ezio quickly introduces Vieri's
    goons to his hidden blade, and then [[BigDamnHeroes Uncle Mario crashes
    the party.]]
    *** If it wasn't outright clear in the second game,
    VideoGame/AssassinsCreedBrotherhood makes it evident that Vieri
    would have done such a thing, as during a flashback to Ezio's
    pre-Assassin life, he tries to rape Cristina Vespucci when she returns
    home, after having rejected his advances so often. Luckily, Ezio comes
    along and sends him running, after giving him a nice beating, of course.
    * In FirstEncounterAssaultRecon FEAR 2: Project Origin, the plot
    indicates that [[spoiler: Alma is trying to "consume" Becket whenever
    she attacks him hand-to-hand, because of the psychic signal he emits.]]
    In reality, though, [[spoiler: Alma was trying to rape him, as shown
    in the final cutscene after she apparently succeeds, and is pregnant
    with Becket's child.]]
    * In AtlachNacha, ShrinkingViolet Kanako is attacked by three
    delinquint students who try to rape her. TallDarkAndBishoujo Hatsune
    arrives at the place where they're attacking her. Hatsune also happens
    to be a GiantSpider in human form and is hungry...
    * In the DatingSim True Love, you must make the male lead save one
    of his prospect love intrests from a rapist if you want him to score
    either with her or with HotForTeacher his beautiful teacher
    * Happens to RaisingSim your adoptive daughter in PrincessMaker 2,
    if she loses her duels with the bandits (be the two males
    PsychoLesbian or the single female) in the Adventure routes. Cube
    arrives in time to drive them away and take the injured girl back home, tho.
    * DragonAge gives you two different ways to do this in the City Elf
    origin: Breaking into the castle as a male in order to save the
    kidnapped women or grabbing a weapon from a guard and start gutting them
    as a female.
    ** spoiler: Not so "Attempted" for your best friend
    * In DragonAgeII's "Dissent" quest, you're out to stop Ser Alrik
    from using MindRape the Rite of Tranquility on a young runaway
    female mage with which he intends to use as a potential sex slave. In
    the quest "Who Needs Rescuing", a young girl was protected from a group
    of would-be gang rapists by Feynriel, who uses his Fade powers to
    MindRape kill her assailants while they were still awake.


folder:Visual Novel
* VisualNovel/FateStayNight, "Unlimited Blade Works" route,
spoiler:Shinji tries to rape [[spoiler:Rin. Lancer stabs him into
submission. Twice. This is part of the reason that it's Lancer's
** And then he tries it again in "Heaven's Feel" with
spoiler:Sakura, and he's done it before to her. What happens?
[[spoiler:KickTheSonOfABitch Sakura blows his head off with magic.]]
** And before all this, [[Template:Jerkass Gilga]]PureIsNotGood mesh to
LadyOfWar Saber.
* In VisualNovel/Template:Tsukihime, spoiler:Shiki attempts to rape
spoiler:Arcueid due to a brief bout of insanity, brought on in part
by the combination of an unexpected surge of [[spoiler:his natural
monster-slaying instincts]] and the attraction and growing affection for
her that he's been trying to avoid up to that point. Though, unlike
Shinji, he is the protagonist so you do have the option to succeed.
However, going through with it will get Shiki killed by her later
spoiler: due to her own brief bout of vampiric insanity.
* VisualNovel/YumeMiruKusuri: The climax of spoiler:Aeka's route
features one of these. [[spoiler:Kouhei promptly overpowers the would-be
rapist's gang and rescues her in a CrowningMomentOfAwesome.]]
* Kanna's route in VisualNovel/YuNo has her nearly raped by the
detestable Houjou. However, the protagonist notes that scummy as Houjou
is, it's simply not in his character to do something that bad. It
raises questions as to what exactly is going on and why he was trying in
the first place.

folder: Webcomics

folder: Web Original
* In Roleplay/TheGamersAlliance, Ax almost ends up raped twice by
her friend Refan when his demonic side takes over. The first time she
deals with Refan herself by using a GroinAttack, and the second time
Shyralis saves her.
* WhateleyUniverse example: Nex, the mutant ninja assassin at
SuperheroSchool Whateley Academy beats up Fey, and when she fights
back, decides to move up to rape and murder. He gets stalled by
Stalwart, who's an annoying inventor who has been following Fey around,
and he rips Stalwart apart. Fey then has time to heal herself and use
her magic to kick ninja ass. Stalwart gets a RescueRomance out of the deal.
* This is played for laughs in [[WebVideo/AskThatGuyWithTheGlasses Ask
That Guy Violates Ma-Ti]], where Ma-ti knocks Ask That Guy unconscious.
[[spoiler:He proceeds to rape Ask That Guy, because apparently the
viewers are there to watch someone get raped.]]
* In SurvivalOfTheFittest version 1, Johnny Lamika ambushes and
tries to rape Adam Dodd. However, before things can get too far, Adam
manages to bring out his taser and fend Lamika off, before proceeding to
beat him to death.
* In DarwinsSoldiers, Calchas' ColdBloodedTorture of Shakila was
seconds away from ending in rape when Dr. Shelton intervened.
* CompleteMonster Stalker tries to assault [[InnocentFlowerGirl
Hanami]] in Book III of Template:Tasakeru. [[spoiler:She uses her
GreenThumb to plow her would-be attacker through her wall.]]


folder: Western Animation
* BettyBoop was a victim of this in the cartoon short
Boop-Oop-A-Doop. In this cartoon, Betty is a circus performer who is
lusted after by the Ringmaster. At night, the Ringmaster accosts her in
her tent and threatens to rape her until Koko the Clown comes in to
rescue her. A daring plot for a cartoon made in 1932, a supposedly
"purer" time.
* The early LooneyTunes Looney Tune BoskoTheTalkInkKid Bosko's
has Honey abducted by the villainous Black Knight. He
carries her to his castle and actually gets her down onto the bed before
our hero intervenes. (It's even more amazing when you realize that our
hero and his girl are African-American and the Black Knight is... er,
* Disney's Disney/Template:Bambi, believe it or not, provides an animal
kingdom example. After Bambi and Faline meet each other again as adults
and become "twitterpated", a rival buck (Ronno) shows up and begins
forcing Faline apart from Bambi. It was mating season. And it was pretty
clear Faline was not willing to go with him. However at this moment
Bambi's BerserkButton is pressed, and he fights and beats Ronno, earning
Faline as his mate.

%% No real life examples on rape tropes. Seriously.

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