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In December 2012, several sexist incidents happen at Chaos Communications Congress 29.

According to the Awareness Teams report in the closing event their hotline received about 20 calls. One warning was actually issued and one person removed from the premises because of their behaviour.

Other incidents were documented on a private web site. which has since been deleted:

Hacker JeopardyEdit

User:Redmaike reports:

Hacker Jeopady is a quiz game that has been organized by the moderators for about a decade. The moderators have been criticized in 2012 for their history of encouraging women to participate. It was argued that this behaviour is discrimination because of its over representation of women on stage compared to the low percentage of women in the audience. Consequently one of the moderators over-emphasized the anti-discrimination debate in a number of statements.
This prompted one woman from the audience to come to the stage and hand over a red card. In her statement she used a reference to female reproduction organs instead of the term “women”. In an attempt to deal with the public diss, the moderator stated that he considers the cards not helpful. This resulted in further escalation of the situation.
The full name of the other moderator, who tried to calm down the situation, was mentioned wrongly in comments on popular press websites as the trolling moderator.


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