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A code of conduct is a document which sets out expectations for members of a community, with regard to how they will behave toward each other.

Effective codes of conductEdit

Important elements of an effective code of conduct include:

  • Specific descriptions of common but unacceptable behavior (sexist jokes, etc.)
  • Reporting instructions with contact information
  • Information about how it may be enforced
  • A clear demarcation between unacceptable behaviour (which may be reported per the reporting instructions and may have severe consequences for the perpetrator) and community guidelines such as general disagreement resolution.

Codes of conduct which lack any one of these items tend not to have the intended effect. See HOWTO design a code of conduct for your community article for more information.

Evaluations of codes of conductEdit

Communities/projects/etc which have a code of conduct include:

License Descriptions of common but unacceptable behavior? Reporting instructions with contact information? Information about enforcement? Clear demarcation between anti-harrassment policy and more general community guidelines
Geek Feminism (see also resources for adopting it) (recommended) Public domain Yes Yes Yes Yes (only contains anti-harrassment language)
Rust (recommended) Yes Yes Some Yes - included in same list but unacceptable behaviour is all grouped at the end.
Julia (recommended) Yes Yes Yes Yes - included in same list but unacceptable behaviour is also listed there.
FreeBSD (recommended) Yes Yes Yes Yes - included in same list but unacceptable behaviour is also listed there.
Django CC BY Yes Yes Yes No
Drupal No Yes No No
Ubuntu CC BY-SA No No No No
Sugar Some No No No
GNOME No No No (explicitly states code of conduct will not be enforced) No
Mozilla CC BY-SA No Some No No
KDE Some No Some No
OpenStack Foundation Some No


Python No No No
Fedora No No No
Joomla (derived from Ubuntu CoC) No No No
TYPO3 (derived from Ubuntu CoC) No No No
Debian No Some Some
TwitterOSS (derived from Python, Ubuntu, and Mozilla) No No No
Puppet Community (derived from Ubuntu CoC) Some Sort of Yes
TODO Group Open Code of Conduct CC-BY Yes, expanded after this PR Yes Yes Yes - the CoC is a mashup of several previous works, but much of the language is from the recommended GF CoC.
Contributor Covenant MIT Yes To be added by adopters Yes Yes

Related lists of guidelines Edit

Not quite project codes of conduct, but related community statements:

Codes of conduct and policies for your communityEdit


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