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A code of conduct is a document which sets out expectations for members of a community, with regard to how they will behave toward each other.

Important elements of an effective code of conduct include:

  • Specific descriptions of common but unacceptable behavior (sexist jokes, etc.)
  • Reporting instructions with contact information
  • Information about how it may be enforced

Codes of conduct which lack any one of these items tend not to have the intended effect. This wiki includes resources for your event or group to adopt a code of conduct.

Communities/projects/etc which have a code of conduct include:

Descriptions of common but unacceptable behavior? Reporting instructions with contact information? Information about enforcement?
Django (recommended) Yes Yes Yes
Rust (recommended) Yes Yes Some
Drupal No Yes No
Ubuntu No No No
Sugar Some No No
GNOME No No No (explicitly states code of conduct will not be enforced)
Mozilla No Some No
KDE Some No Some
OpenStack Foundation Some No


Python No No No
Fedora No No No
Joomla (derived from Ubuntu CoC) No No No
TYPO3 (derived from Ubuntu CoC) No No No
TwitterOSS (derived from Python, Ubuntu, and Mozilla) No No No

Related lists of guidelines Edit

Not quite project codes of conduct, but related community statements:

See also: Diversity statement

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