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If you have a geek community, you should take steps to make it clear that harassment is unwelcome within it and to respond to reports of harassment.

Adopting our policyEdit

There is a sample policy at Community anti-harassment/Policy.

In order to adopt a policy, you need at minimum, the following:

  • a policy
  • a contact point where harassment reports can be received
  • a group of responders who receive reports and have the power to act on them up to and including excluding harassers from your community

Other policiesEdit

Code of conduct evaluations lists many communities with policies, together with evaluating them on features such as enforcement mechanisms.


Communities that have adopted a anti-harassment policy are listed at Community anti-harassment/Adoption.


Our community anti-harassment policy is new from June 2014. Please review the Conference anti-harassment pages for information about adopting and enforcing policies, much of the advice applies in both situations.

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