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These conferences have adopted a policy similar to our anti-harassment policy.

Implement the policy at your conferenceEdit

See Conference anti-harassment for our complete set of resources.

Sponsors requiring a policy for all sponsored events Edit

Speculative Fiction and Fandom Conventions Edit

Free and Open Source Software Conferences Edit

General free and open source software conferences Edit

Python conferences Edit

Linux conferences Edit

Drupal conferences Edit

WordPress conferences Edit

Ruby conferences Edit

Perl conferences Edit

Other language or project-specific free and open source software conferences Edit

Wikimedia and Wiki Conferences Edit

Software Development Conferences Edit

Technical Conferences Edit

Computer Security and Hacker Conferences Edit

Speculative Fiction and Fandom ConventionsEdit

See: Conference anti-harassment/Adoption/SFF for the list of Speculative Fiction and Fandom (SFF) cons; including Anime, Steampunk, and Comic Cons, that have adopted policies.

Libtech, Library, and Archive Conferences Edit

Humanities Conferences Edit

Scientific and Academic Conferences Edit

Skeptic and Science-Related Conferences Edit

Found on that site:

Not found on other site:

Hackathons Edit

Other Geek-related Conferences Edit

Makerspaces/Hackerspaces/Community Workshops Edit

Also see the Feminist_and_women's_hackerspaces list.

Live-Action Roleplaying Games Edit

Meetups and User GroupsEdit

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