This is the text of earlier versions of the Creeper Move cards, prepared for DEFCON 2012.

The red card read:

If you have received this card, you have behaved in an offensive or overtly sexist manner towards a female DEFCON attendee. Stop grabbing butts and inviting every girl you see to private pillow flight parties.

The yellow card read:

If you have received this card, chances are you have made some form of off color or mildly offensive comment to a female DEFCON attendee. Maybe you were trying to be nice but "nice tits" comes across as a little douchey, ya know?

There is also a green thank you card that read:

The person who handed you this card appreciates that you were respectful and mindful instead of overbearing or harassing. It might not seem like much, but you could have received a red or yellow card instead. Cheers!


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