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Egalitarianism (also known as equalism) is a movement that seeks the social equality of all human beings. Literally speaking, feminism is already egalitarian, but most egalitarians reject feminism because they perceive it as being either too focussed on women or a conspiracy to reverse the powers of women and men. Likewise, many egalitarians reject men's rights advocacy for being excessively narrow. Egalitarians may perceive SAWCASMs as being disadvantaged by the system in which they reside.

However, the reason why many feminists focus on female people is because they are generally affected worse than men are. Whilst there are obviously exceptions, men tend to be less vulnerable to issues such as rape, objectification, sexual harassment, denial of power, obligated parenting, strict beauty standards, and others; issues which tend to affect women in a unique way.

Feminists are not somehow prohibited from discussing and combatting issues that affect men; it’s just that women are frequently discussed because they are more disadvantaged.

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