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Electronic Gaming Monthly replaced with Maxim

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In June 2009, the gaming magazine "Electronic Gaming Monthly" stopped being published. Subscribers were sent copies of the men's magazine "Maxim" instead.

Coverage/responses Edit

"It's doubtful that balance can be transferred to the attempt at reviving Electronic Gaming Monthly by magazine founder Steve Harris. But, hey, boobs."
"And the magazine that the publishers assumed would appeal to the great possible number of gamers? Tits R Us. Because all gamers are dudes, don’tcha know! Straight dudes!"
"Also not wanted: Gay male gamers and feminist straight dudez. But the industry isn't rife with misogyny and homophobia, we SWEARS it!"
" I’m simply amused that somehow gaming magazine = men’s magazine. I wonder how much of ’s subscriber base was actually female (or men who couldn’t care less about Olivia Wilde in leather)?"

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