(copied from Ubuntu wiki page linked below)

Elizabeth Krumbach (formerly Bevilacqua) has been dabbling in Ubuntu since Warty, but has used and worked with Debian since 2002. Since becoming an Ubuntu Member on May 29th 2007 she has worked on a variety of projects, including US Teams, Pennsylvania LoCo, Community Learning Project, Ubuntu Classroom, BeginnersTeam and Women. She is also a current member of the Ubuntu Americas Membership Board. In October 2009 she was the first woman to be elected to the Ubuntu Community Council.

She works full time as a Debian Systems Administrator at technology services provider LinuxForce in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, which also now supports several Ubuntu LTS desktops.

She is also the coordinator, primary contact and website admin for Philadelphia area Linux Users Group (PLUG), founded in 1995 PLUG now has 4 chapters in and around Philadelphia, each hosting one regular meeting per month.


Krumbach is involved with the Ubuntu Women project in a variety of roles, including IRC operator, administrator, Launchpad team administrator, and columnist for Full Circle Magazine.

In May 2003, she launched the Philadelphia area LinuxChix Chapter.

In July 2009, she announced a decision to "retire from the trenches" but stay involved in "support and encouragement" activities.


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