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When playing the role of an Ally, sometimes men find themselves in the situation where the misogynist or naysayer will attempt to emasculate them.

Emasculating phrases include:

Emasculation is an example of silencing. It attempts to remove the privilege of the man so as to reduce the worth of his word and make it easier for a misogynist to discard.

Homophobic emasculation

As well as being accused of being weak and feminine, feminist allies may be called gay, on the assumption that, like being a woman, being gay lessens one's worth as a person:

I am certainly not the first pro-feminist man to be called “gay” as a form of attack, and I unfortunately won’t be the last. But I would like to take a moment to address the phenomenon of why those of us who speak out against men’s violence are so often called “gay” – and to talk a little bit about how we can respond to this supposed slur.

“You must be gay.” (On the bullying of pro-feminist men.)

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