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"Equal but different" is a kind of essentialism attempted to be glossed over with feminism. It is related to the straw-man argument that "feminists are trying to argue that men and women should be 50:50 in everything and treated exactly the same in all regards". The argument goes that we should accept that men and women will "naturally" fall into different interests and instead of trying to "force" women into areas that men "naturally" prefer, the way of equality means acknowledging and celebrating the areas that women "naturally" prefer.

While it is true that women's work is often undervalued due to androcentrism, this argument has some flaws, first among them that it does nothing to address the fact that women hold less power and influence in society. Cordelia Fine in Delusions of Gender states: "Gender Equality 2.0 justifies a status quo in which politics, wealth, science, technology, and artistic achievement continue to lie primarily in the hands of (white) men." (p91) She also quotes Neil Levy (p91), "It is no accident that there is no Nobel Prize for making people feel included."

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