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This is a list of explicitly feminist geek groups (and events, etc) based on discussions coming out of Dropping the F Bomb on the Geek Feminist blog.

To qualify for this list, the group/event/etc must use the word "feminist" or "feminism" in publicly available materials, eg. on their homepage or "about" page.

Hacker/maker spaces

  • Double Union - "Double Union is a supportive community for feminist activism. We are intersectional feminists, women-centered, and queer and trans-inclusive."
  • Seattle Attic - "We are a feminist, woman-centered, trans- and queer- inclusive space for tinkerers, makers, crafters and hackers of all genders."
  • Spanning Tree (still forming) - "Spanning Tree will be a feminist hacker/maker space for people who identify as women in a way that is meaningful to them, as well as agender people. We welcome people of color, trans and genderqueer women, and people with disabilities.



  • Computer Anonymous - "We think feminism is a good thing. Discussion of how to make computer more inclusive is welcome. Claims that this "has gone too far" aren’t."


  • AndConf — "AndConf is a code retreat and unconference for programmers with an intersectional feminist perspective"
  • AndXP — "AndXP is a 1-day unconference in San Francisco looking at XP through the lens of intersectional feminism."

SFF conventions

  • WisCon - "World's Leading Feminist Science Fiction Convention"

Online communities

  • Geek Feminism (obviously)

Geek media

  • Model View Culture -- there's no "about" page and the homepage just contains whatever is in the current issue (which included the word "feminist" at least once, at the time I checked); the copyright line in site footer reads "© 2014 Feminist Technology Collective, Inc."
  • The Recompiler — "The Recompiler is a feminist technology magazine launched in 2015."


Previous listings

Closed / on hiatus

These organizations have either closed or haven't had any visible activity in a year or more:

  • Ada Initiative (closed 2015)
  • Why Security - "We think feminism is a good thing. Discussion of how to make security more inclusive is welcome. Claims that this "has gone too far" aren’t." (Most recent meetings held in 2014.)

No longer explicitly feminist

The following listings at some point used the word feminist on their about page, but no longer do.

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