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FSCONS - Free Society Conference and Nordic SummitEdit


[FSCONS] is a yearly conference in Göteborg, Sweden since 2007. It started as a Free Software conference but has broadened its scope to cover Freedom in Society, Technology and Culture.

List of female speakersEdit

FSCONS strives to get a better gender balance among its speakers and visitors. It is slowly improving in that area and continues to aim for a better balance. Here are some examples of female speakers from past FSCONSes, a small but growing list.

  • Anne Østergaard, 2007
  • Fernanda G Weiden, 2007
  • Laura Creighton, 2007
  • Valentina Messeri, 2008
  • Katja Henttonen, 2008
  • Amelia Andersdotter, 2009
  • Karin Kosina (vka kyrah), 2009
  • Christina Haralanova, 2009 (Keynote)
  • Anne Østergaard, 2009
  • Karin Kosina vka kyrah, 2010 (Keynote)
  • Christina Gratorp, 2010
  • Malin Nilsson, 2010
  • Christina Gratorp, 2011
  • Hedvig Kamp, 2011
  • Claudia Rauch, 2011
  • Ester Ytterbrink, 2011
  • Maria Olsson, 2011
  • Sandra Derbring, 2011
  • Karin Kosina vka kyrah, 2011
  • Christina Haralanova, 2011 (Keynote)
  • Laura Creighton, 2011
  • Eleanor Saitta, 2011
  • Agnieszka Pokrywka, 2011


Since 2011, FSCONS has an anti-harassment policy.

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