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This page is a history of the wiki. For the front page to the wiki, see Geek Feminism Wiki and for information about the scope and editorial policies of the wiki, see Meta:Editorial guidelines.

The Geek Feminism Wiki (ie, this wiki) was founded by Skud in May 2008.

Events of noteEdit


  • The first substantive edit to the wiki seems to have been this one on May 14 2008.




  • The wiki's 10000th edit occured in April 2012.
  • The deletion of TV Tropes material related to rape, and subsequent import of those pages into the Geek Feminism wiki, occured in June 2012


  • The wiki passed 1000 pages in September 2013.
  • Wiki administrators created explicit editorial guidelines in November 2013; these guidelines are still open to discussion and change.


  • Skud created the Resources for therapists page in June 2014.
  • In June 2014, Skud gave a talk at Open Source Bridge about the history of the wiki and blog, titled "Feminist Point of View: A Geek Feminism Retrospective"; the slides are available online

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