The excuse that geeks are just like that excuses sexist behaviour for a number of reasons:

  1. Geeks are socially deprived of contact with women and thus cannot be expected to behave well around them (women themselves are often blamed for this).
  2. "Geek" is identical with "neurodiverse person", and that neurodiverse people cannot be expected to adhere to social norms, see Autism is to blame for further discussion of this fallacy.
  3. Anti-sexism is a mainstream norm that geeks should reject.

These are criticised by geek feminists for a number of reasons:

  1. The "geeks are deprived of female contact" reason makes women geeks invisible.
  2. The "geeks are deprived of female contact" reason is an example of the women taught us fallacy that women are responsible for socialising men.
  3. The "mainstream norm" argument is an example of rebellion against mainstream norms fallacy.

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