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About this page Edit

These are notes on Getting girls into IT from a group at 2009.

Personal Stories, Inspiration and Anecdotes Edit


Ideas and Issues Edit

GGGFIT: "no-one showed up"

  • Need to get them younger
  • Motivation: CF WWII Eniac Programmers
  • "We Need You" vs "IT Is Fun (LOL)"
  • Wealth creation within the country: innovation
  • Economic crisis: all hands on deck
  • Need things to export

Alice (programming) classes in year 5 and 6

  • Use division to dampen input from mouse pointer

Scratch programming, also year 5 and 6

Having something to take home

  • ISO image with [tool] which they can burn and take home
  • USB sticks, USB rubber bracelets as per rock concerts (need sponsors)

Know your rights, get a lawyer

Mentor -- doesn't need to be female

  • Website to connect people to mentors (ACS)

Careers Advisors are often poor advisors

  • Provide IT position descriptions with profiles (mix up genders)
  • Where can you get more information
  • Pathways

CF. "Technology takes you anywhere" book

  • We need to make our own "pink book"
  • Distribute through careers advisers

Year 10 Careers Day

  • Well-paying
  • Flexible hours
  • Travel
  • Scalability issues

Scholarships for women

  • Anita Borg
  • University Specific (e.g. Southern Cross)

Do talks for TAFE students, professional development for the teachers

Dropping admission requirements for UAI for women?

  • Problems with perpetuating the "girls aren't as good at IT" myth?


  • Can be off-putting for girls
  • Need to link in to class?
  • Project Euler
  • Talk to IT teachers e.g. VITTA

Professional development courses for teachers.

  • How to teach IT ( girls)
  • More information on software packages

TAFE/Uni credits for evangelising

Extra credit at school for TAFE courses in IT Mini-certificate for some day course

"I.T. for scientists"

Scripting to solve problems at school

Organisations Edit

  • Queensland Education
  • Institute of Physics and other groups who have successfully increased the proportion of women in their field
  • Department of Education and Workplace Relations (?)
  • Curriculum Corporation
  • Learning Federation

Resources Edit

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