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Supporting former, or badly affected, Gratipay/Gittip users Edit

These people/organisations closed or deprecated their accounts on Gratipay (then Gittip) due to various aspects of the Gittip crisis, or have lost funding due to others leaving Gratipay and would like their funders to continue giving through other means:

Person/organization Gratipay account status Other funding site
Model View Culture Deleted Patreon
Ashe Dryden Active but deprecated MoonClerk and Paypal
Julie Pagano Deleted Patreon
Chris Martens Deleted Patreon
Coraline Ada Ehmke Deleted Patreon
Sudoroom Active None, investigating alternatives, particularly forks and new instances of the Gittip codebase
Trans*H4CK Active PayPal - see bottom of page
Nóirín Plunkett Active MoonClerk
Skud [1] Deleted

Growstuff Indiegogo campaign (now finished)

Grace Hopper prints Indiegogo campaign (now finished)

Shanley Kane Deleted Sales of her collected essays.

Others who left Gratipay Edit

These people/organisations closed their accounts on Gratipay (then Gittip) and do not have a known alternative funding site:

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