Jonathan Tweet is a game designer, author of the role-playing game Everway; co-author of the role-playing games Ars Magica, Over the Edge, the third edition of Talislanta and the third edition of Dungeons & Dragons; and co-designer of the collectible miniatures game Dreamblade. His personal blog is Atheist Sunday School.

Women in RPGs

In 1995 while working at Wizards of the Coast, Tweet designed Everway, which featured art depicting numerous women and nonwhites.[1]

In 2008 while working at Wizards of the Coast, Tweet made a blog post on company blog where he claimed that Roleplaying, as currently construed, appeals disproportionately to guys because it's mostly about the things that men evolved to enjoy: hunting and warfare. It's about a group assembling to undertake (imaginary) risks for glory and dominance. It's the same reason that team sports, such as basketball, are more male, whereas women compete to be judged beautiful and worthy (ice skating, gymnastics).

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  • Further evolutionary psychology claims follow in June 2009 [7]
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  • Tweet's defense of evolutionary psychology in April 2011 [9]

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