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Jono Bacon was the community manager for the Ubuntu project from 2006—2014[1][2]. He has been involved in numerous discussions around geek feminist subjects, and frequently posts on subjects related to women in Ubuntu and/or FLOSS in general on his blog. These posts can mostly be found at

Mark Shuttleworth incident Edit

In 2009, Jono's boss, Mark Shuttleworth, made comments in a Linuxcon keynote saying that Linux is hard to explain to girls. A widespread discussion ensued.

A week after Shuttleworth's talk, Jono posted Changing the conversation -- a call to focus on the positive aspects of women in FLOSS. The post was a mild form of the Tone argument; check the comment thread for further silencing tactics such as claims that discussing sexism is Harming the community.

OpenRespect project Edit

In 2010, Jono launched the OpenRespect project, a call for greater respect among members of the FLOSS community. The project has been criticised as simply being a Tone argument laid out as policy. (See OpenRespect for more.)

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