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Jono Bacon is the community manager for the Ubuntu project. He has been involved in numerous discussions around geek feminist subjects, and frequently posts on subjects related to women in Ubuntu and/or FLOSS in general on his blog. These posts can mostly be found at

Mark Shuttleworth incident Edit

In 2009, Jono's boss, Mark Shuttleworth, made comments in a Linuxcon keynote saying that Linux is hard to explain to girls. A widespread discussion ensued.

A week after Shuttleworth's talk, Jono posted Changing the conversation -- a call to focus on the positive aspects of women in FLOSS. The post was a mild form of the Tone argument; check the comment thread for further silencing tactics such as claims that discussing sexism is Harming the community.

OpenRespect project Edit

In 2010, Jono launched the OpenRespect project, a call for greater respect among members of the FLOSS community. The project has been criticised as simply being a Tone argument laid out as policy. (See OpenRespect for more.)

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