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The Linux kernel civility discussion is an ongoing discussion in July 2013 about the role that civility or lack thereof plays in Linux kernel software development. The discussion was started by Sarah Sharp on her blog and on the Linux kernel email list (LKML).

The discussion was not centered on gender or other diversity, but attracted commentary from people interested in diversity advocacy in software development among others.

Linux kernel community discussionsEdit

Off-list commentary by kernel developersEdit

Commentary from othersEdit

  • Tweets:
    • Man, you can tell how many abusers are hiding out in a community by how voraciously they defend abusive behavior when it's called out. @demew
    • Amazed, though I shouldn't be, at the number of people who think abuse is acceptable at all AND that it demonstrates skilled leadership. @christiekoehler
    • It’s hilarious to me watching people argue that you HAVE to be a jerk to make software. ProTip: Linus is the exception, not the rule. @jacobian
  • Abusive private email sent to Sharp

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