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List of Women Characters in Video Games

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Portal Chell

Chell, as she appears in the first Portal game.

Here is a list of female characters in video games. Feel free to add more characters and categories!

(Characters whose names are bolded are characters that were protagonists or were playable for most of the game in the first game that they were featured in.)

Iconic CharactersEdit

These are some of the pioneering female characters in iconic video games. Some are notable for their representation of women as engaging and capable characters, and others are known for their sexualization and/or reduction of women to damsels in distress.

Strong* CharactersEdit

Sexualized CharactersEdit

Damsels in DistressEdit

(*) "Strong" as used in this article, is to be defined as either a character that feels real, but does not quite fit into the positively portrayed section for whatever reason, OR, the more typical definition of a Strong character (being, you know, strong/powerful). For a broader look at this category type, please refer to this wiki page --> [1]. Keep in mind that even on that wiki page and links you find there the definition of 'Strong Characters' are not always consistent.

Positively Portrayed CharactersEdit

There are some female characters that are strong, confident and capable, all while lacking any overt hypersexualization. These women are not reduced to a status of love interest, damsel in distress, or sexualized protagonist.

Female Options for Lead Characters in Role-Playing GamesEdit


Anthropomorphic and other various human-like charactersEdit

  • several fully-playable female characters from Diddy Kong Racing (Nintendo 64, all playable characters are actually anthropomorphic animals, not human beings)
  • at least one teammate/co-pilot in games the StarFox franchise (Nintendo platforms)
  • Inspector Carmelita from the Sly Cooper games.
  • Amaterasu in Okami
  • Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, Blaze the Cat, Rouge the Bat, Wave the Swallow, Vanilla the Rabbit, Shade the Echidna, and Zeena from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. All but Vanilla and Zeena have been fully playable at some point.


Hope in upcoming games - to be checkedEdit

Reminder: Characters who's names are bolded are characters that were protagonists or were playable for most of the game in the first game that they were featured in.


  • Sofia Lamb from Bioshock 2
  • Alexia Ashford from Resident Evil Code: Veronica
  • Excella Gionne from Resident Evil 5
  • Carla Radames from Resident Evil 6
  • Misstress (leader of the assasins) from Venetica
  • Princess Chiamaka from Venetica
  • Sybil Reisz from Transistor

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