• gaslight fantasy adventures of a young scientific genius
  • TW: combat violence
  • female-centric, lots of female agency and empowerment
  • not uninclusive of POC
  • sex-infused fantasy parodies and fantasy-infused sex parodies
  • TW: explicit sexual content, combat violence
  • very very NSFW
  • sex-positive, LGB-inclusive, subvertive, satiric, features a lot of female agency (sexual and otherwise)
  • employs a wider range of body types and facial structure than mainstream media, but cannot be called especially inclusive either
  • discussion of everyday challenges as a feminist transperson (mostly transwoman) within queer community
  • TW: depiction of transphobia, transmisogyny, sexism, and related phenomena
  • main protagonist also has geeky interests (such as video games), but the comic can't be claimed especially centered on geek culture
  • struggles of a super-strong young woman to find a relevant role for superheroes in a modern society
  • TW: combat violence, abusive language from time to time, revenge against rapists as a plot device, graphic medical scene in one storyline
  • little focus on romance and/or sexuality
  • race-inclusive, not uninclusive of varying body types and ability levels, rather inclusive of varying types and ranges of gender expression, not uninclusive of LBG
  • educational webcomic on sex and sex toys
  • CW: very definitely NSFW with explicit sex illustrations, full-frontal nudity
  • very inclusive of LGBTQ, different body types, varying sexual preferences -- very rare to see a character who is more than two or three of the following: slender, conventionally attractive, straight, white, cis, able and with all original body parts
  • inclusive of POC although the low-contrast colouring style downplays this
  • very sex-positive, also kink-positive

Print media

Superhero and action comics

  • female-centric
  • can be problematic, most famously due to sexually objectifying representation (Red Sonja's trademark battle bikini and presence of Male gaze)
  • however can be found an empowering figure thanks to Red Sonja's characterisation and agency
  • female-centric
  • Thor (female as of 2015)
  • female-centric


  • centered on lesbian characters and their urban lives within and outside of the queer community
  • TW: probably includes depiction and discussion on queerphobia and misogyny against queer women
  • race-inclusive, realistic and inclusive on body types and personal looks


Individual strips of feminist commentary

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