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This is a list of conferences/conventions/unconferences and similar events for women in geeky fields. To be listed here, events should be focused on women/women's experiences/gender diversity/etc. For groups that run women-focused meetups, coding workshops, etc see under Category:Organizations.

Broad theme Edit

  • She's Geeky (any geekiness)
  • AdaCamp (open technology and culture including open source, open knowledge, creative commons, etc)

Technology Edit

Fandom Edit

Including Science Fiction Fandom, Anime fandom, Comics fandom, Fan fiction, etc.

  • GirlGeekCon (broadly "geeky" but tends towards fandom, gaming, etc)
  • Sirens (website) (women in fantasy)
  • WisCon (feminist SFF convention, majority female)

Online media etc Edit

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