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A list of women who contribute or are active in Free/Libre/Open Source software projects. This list will of course never be complete, but aims to be comprehensive. Please add anyone who is missing. (in alphabetical order by surname, please)

The purpose of this list is:

  • To combat the Invisibility of women in open source
  • To highlight the Value of women's contributions to open source
  • To offer inspiration/role models for people in the field, or considering entering it
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A Edit

B Edit

Bess Sadler - Blacklight developer

C Edit

D Edit

E Edit

F Edit

  • Femke Snelting - Open Source Publishing (graphics design agency that uses only open source tools and creates some, too)
  • Fernanda G. Weiden - Vice president of FSFE, Debian contributor
  • Frances Hocutt - Contributor to MediaWiki and associated API client libraries, Dreamwidth, Growstuff

G Edit

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M Edit

N Edit

O Edit

  • Olga Kornievskaia - Distributed security R&D in the CITI group at UMich; Linux kernel developer on NFS, and RPC security
  • Olga Natkovich - [Director of Engineering] for Hadoop team at Yahoo! Inc responsible for Pig, Hive, HCatalog, Oozie, and HBase projects. Built and led team that turned Pig into one of the premiere frameworks for Big Data computing, and piloted its progress to becoming a first-class Apache project.
  • Ory Okolloh - Ushahidi

P Edit

Q Edit

R Edit

S Edit

T Edit

  • Tabitha Roder - One Laptop per Child, Moodle, Sugar, Mahara. Ran a Miniconf at 2010, Software Freedom Day kids host.
  • Taryn Fox - GNOME intern working on developer documentation
  • Telsa Gwynne - former bug reporter, bug triager, translator for the GNOME project
  • Terri Oda - steering committee, Mailman and list admin/sysadmin for Linuxchix
  • Tina Müller - Perl

U Edit

  • Ubergeekchick - GNOME/GTK+2.0 applications
  • Ursula Braun - Linux kernel developer, maintainer of the S/390 network drivers and IUCV networking layer
  • Ursula Junque - Launchpad developer / Ubuntu Brazil

V Edit

W Edit

X Edit

  • Xiaolan (Catherine) Zhang - Linux kernel security developer; USENIX Security and Annual Technical Conference program committee member

Y Edit

Z Edit

  • Zaheda Bhorat - Google Open Standards Manager and former Community Manager
  • Zoe Slattery - PHP QA contributor

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