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This is a list of groups of women in technology, which can be contacted about events and opportunities in any particular geographic area or that people can participate in remotely. The goal is to have links that lead directly to the information about how a group can be contacted, so that people interested in reaching more women with the information about their event or opportunity can use the links here to quickly accomplish this. In many cases, you can contact the groups by writing to their mailing lists or by writing to the groups' leaders and asking them to repost the information on the group's social networks. You can also contact the groups through the social networks.

Additionally, please see the list of feminist and women's hackerspaces, the list of academic organizations interested in women in CS for a listing of college and university groups, and the list of groups for girls in technology for groups working with girls under 18. There is also a listing of women groups in various FLOSS projects.

Primarily online groupsEdit

International Groups with Local Chapters (alphabetically) Edit

Groups in Different Countries, Regions and cities Edit

Africa Edit

South AfricaEdit

Asia Edit


Europe Edit



Finland Edit

France Edit





Slovenia Edit

Ljubljana Edit

Oceania Edit

North America Edit

Canada Edit

Kitchener/Waterloo Edit

United States Edit

New York Edit

(post about group leaders hosted by Gilt Tech)

San Francisco Bay AreaEdit
Tampa Edit

Washington, DC Edit

South America Edit

Chile Edit

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