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This list is of women who have given keynote presentations or invited talks (that is, especially invited as a drawcard talk, not competing with other streams) at Technical conferences.

This list is publicly editable, if your event or your talks are missing you are welcome to add them! No event is too small or niche to include. We interpret "technical" fairly broadly; use your best judgement.

Names are sorted by surname within each field.

Uses of this list include:

  • finding experienced women speakers for your technical event
  • finding women leaders to learn from or emulate in your technical field
  • finding technical events with a history of featuring women keynote speakers in their program

This list is very incomplete, so don't use it for quantitative statements, eg don't use it for "X% of conferences have a woman keynoting" or "there have been N women giving technical keynotes in the last 5 years" or "field N has more women in it than field M".

Creative Commons and open knowledge Edit

Computer science Edit

Main article: Computer Science

AI and Machine Learning Edit

Education and technologyEdit

Engineering, hardware, electronics etcEdit


Main article: FLOSS, List of women in FLOSS

Information security Edit

  • Kelly Lum, LASCON 2015

Programming Edit

Systems administration / SRE / DevOps Edit

Main article: System administration

Technology (general) Edit

Note: this section is for conferences that cross several of the fields on this page.

Web2.0 and social media Edit

Main articles: Web2.0, Blogging

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