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List of women keynote presenters at technical conferences

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This list is of women who have given keynote presentations or invited talks (that is, especially invited as a drawcard talk, not competing with other streams) at Technical conferences.

Names are sorted by surname within each field.

Please note: this list is highly incomplete, and should not be used as evidence to state anything about absolute or relative numbers of women keynoting in any of these fields. We know many women keynoters are simply not listed here yet. The intention of the list is to provide a resource for people seeking examples of prominent and experienced women technical speakers.

AI and Machine Learning Edit

Creative Commons and open knowledge Edit

Computer science Edit

Main article: Computer Science

Education and technologyEdit

Engineering, hardware, electronics etcEdit


Main article: FLOSS, List of women in FLOSS

Programming Edit

Systems administration Edit

Main article: System administration

Technology (general) Edit

Note: this section is for conferences that cross several of the fields on this page.

Web2.0 and social media Edit

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