Mackenzie Morgan

Mackenzie started contributing to Ubuntu as a student. In Ubuntu, she has worked on Japanese translations, bug triaging, packaging. She also has patches in GNOME Seahorse, a handful of KDE applications, GSynaptics, and the Linux kernel. She was named to the Ubuntu Hall of Fame in February 2009 and became a MOTU (Ubuntu Developer) in Nov 2009. In May 2010, she was appointed to the Americas Regional Membership Board, the board that determines which contributors become Ubuntu Members, and in February 2011 she was elected to the Developer Membership Board, the board that decides who gains upload rights as a MOTU or Core Developer. She left the membership boards in mid 2011 and left MOTU in early 2012.

She started Gally, a program for teaching sign languages, based on the KDE4 platform.


Mackenzie maintains her own blog, Ubuntu Linux Tips & Tricks, which was rated #13 in the top 25 Ubuntu blogs in 2007. She also has written for MakeUseOf and continues to write for Geeks Are Sexy on occasion. She has received interesting responses to her association with the Geeks Are Sexy blog.

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