Marion Mpanga is a perhaps the first Ugandan lady to work at the now defunct East African Center for Open Source Software, set up in Kampala, in 2004, to be an incubation center for Open Source Software in Uganda and East Africa.

As a Management Trainee, Marion placed herself at the core of the small company, eventually becoming an Administrator. In 2009, Marion, armed with her Diploma of Science, successfully hosted the first ict@innovation FOSS Business Models Training, in Kampala. Attracting over 25 East Africans, this training, supported by FOSSFA and InWent (Now GIZ), was the first of a series of Training of Trainers across the African Sub-Sahara. She is a Certified Trainer.

Marion remains passionate about ICT, ICT4D, Website Development and FOSS. She is currently serving on the FOSSFA Executive, as well as beign Co-founder of the Uganda Center for Open Source Software (, for which she trains Linux.

Marion (email ) is also a Certified Project Manager, and a Certified Joomla Website Developer. She is currently the Website Office of the Judiciary, based at the Kampala High Court Data Center.

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