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Mary Gardiner in 2016

Mary Gardiner is a computer programmer and geek feminist writer.

Previously she was a co-founder of and Deputy Executive Director of the Ada Initiative, and a computer science postgraduate student. During 2009–2014, she was the most prolific contributor to the blog. She also contributed to Australian feminist blog Hoyden About Town.

Women's groups and events

Mary was the founder of the LinuxChix and Haecksen miniconferences and of both AussieChix, the Australia-wide LinuxChix chapter, and OWOOT, the expansion of AussieChix+NZChix into general open technology.

Conference talks

Mary has given many user group and conference talks. Major talks include:

  • keynote presentation at Wikimania 2012, "Fostering diversity: not a boring chore, a critical opportunity"
  • presentation with Valerie Aurora at, January 2012 (video)
  • keynote presentation at PyCon AU, August 2011 (video)
  • invited speaker presentation at Girl Geek Dinner Sydney, June 2011 (video)

Other talks include LinuxChix and Haecksen miniconferences (2012, 2009), OSDC (2008, 2006).

Open source community

Mary has been involved in Open Source community, particularly in Australia, for many years, including:

  • (co) chair of the program, 2008–2010 and 2013
  • reviewer for and PyCon US
  • former lead documentation author for the Twisted project

Her contribution to the Australian open source community was recognised in 2012 with the Rusty Wrench Award.

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