Rotating front page links

Links on the front page under:

  • Communities of geek women
  • Resources
  • Organizations and events supporting geek women
  • Organizations and events supporting girls and younger geek women
  • Issues
  • Incidents

should be rotated monthly.

How to rotate

  • Look under rotations, if the previous rotation was less than a month ago, stop.
  • If not, for each of the above headings, remove the first link under it, and add a new link at the end (before the "more" links to the category). Try for newer, reasonably complete, articles if possible. Exceptions:
    • leave "For allies" at the beginning of "Resources" and pop the second link instead
    • leave "Timeline" at the beginning of "Incidents" and pop the second link instead
  • For the lists that contain both organisations and events, try and alternate organisations and events where possible.
  • Add your sig at the top of the "Previous rotations" list

Previous rotations

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