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The geek feminism wiki is a tempting target for trolls and vandals. Help us catch it at the start!

Report vandalism to this wikiEdit

If you see any vandalism, please let the admins know by leaving a message on Meta:Vandal Watch, and revert the edits if you know how. We can ban the user/IP.

If an entire page of vandalism has been created from scratch, replace the content with {{delete}}, and it will show up in Category:Candidates for deletion and be deleted by an admin after review.

Report vandalism to the Volunteer Spam Task ForceEdit

The Volunteer Spam Task Force (VSTF) is a volunteer group who do Wikia-wide spam and vandalism fighting.

If you see any persistent vandalism, such as one user making a lot of vandal edits or many vandals showing up at once, please contact the current spam task force contacts or failing that alert them on the VSTF wiki .

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