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"Microwelcome" was coined by Twitter user hashocotothorpe for a lightning talk about responding to people with visible diabilities at AdaCamp Portland. It's intended as the opposite of a microaggression.


  • Making an effort to remember the food allergies of friends and taking time to research restaurants where you can eat comfortably together
  • Remembering that a teammate needs to use the elevator instead of needing to be reminded every time you're walking together
  • "Continuing to have the conversation we were in the middle of having when you learn I'm trans" courtesy Twitter user rlyeh
  • Not remarking on or asking about a visbile disability

Broadly speaking, a microwelcome can fall into one of a few categories:

  • Providing access or accomodations for marginalized people without being asked
  • Refraining from making othering remarks and/or normalizing a person's externally-visible differences




  • Including captions for videos by default


  • Mention specifically that you're looking for submissions from groups which are traditionally underrepresented in your field
  • Catalog the physical accessibility pros/cons of your venue and publish them in prominent places (such as elevators, wheelchair lifts, audio amplifiction, natural lighting, etc)
  • If you show photos of past events on your site, select photos that display people who are traditionally underrepresented in your field


  • Include employment equity statements on your job posts, and if applicable, specific mention of how you foster and encourage diversity - programs you sponsor, organizations you work with, etc.
  • If you have a photo gallery of employees, lead with photos of people who are traditionally underrepresented in your field

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