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Misogyny is a dislike for or hatred of women. There are various points of view on whether it's distinct from Sexism and whether one is rooted in the other. But misogyny typically carries a more visceral implication of specific negative and hostile feelings towards women, whereas sexism also describes attitudes or behaviour that are discriminatory but which might also be unconscious or conducted with neutral or even benevolent feelings towards women.

Misogyny often arises in discussion of sexist incidents. Some misogyny is disingenuously portrayed as unmeaning or benignly meant as a silencing tactic, for example threats of sexual violence, no matter how hostile and overt, are sometimes defended as deriving from admiration for women's attractiveness. In discussion of sexist incidents, misogyny may not be apparent initially but may appear or become explicit as the discussion goes on.

Examples Edit

Incidents Edit

The following geek community incidents were notable for the presence of violent imagery and cruelty towards women targets:

Blog comments Edit

A complete catalogue of blog comments expressing contempt for or hatred of women would be completely impossible. However, here are some example entries about geek feminism which have attracted very negative comments about women:

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