Naomi Ceder is the author of The Quick Python Book, the original organizer of the PyCon poster sessions and the PyCon Education Summit. She has also introduced a poster session as PyCon UK in 2015. For 2015-2016 she is on the board of directors of the Python Software Foundation, serving as a vice chair and a co-creator of the PSF Grants working group.

As a trans woman, Naomi is particularly interested diversity and inclusion from a widely intersectional perspective. She has keynoted at various conferences in Europe and the UK.

Naomi is also the founder of Trans*Code, a topic based hackday and education series focussed on trans issues. Trans*Code currently operates primarily in the UK.

She taught programming at the secondary level for 15 years and continues to teach Python to adults through the Chicago Python Workshop. Currently Naomi is the a senior business systems manager for an ecommerce company in the Chicagoland area.

Naomi has also presented talks at PyCon, EuroPython, Pycon UK, ICE (Indiana Computer Educators Conference), the National Educational Computing Conference (now ISTE), Ohio Linux Fest, and others.

Naomi blogs about Python at

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