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This is not meant to show that fighting sexism never works. It is meant to show splainers that they need to think and research a little before they come up with grand plans.

Form letter

A form letter response inspired by the anti-spam form letter.

Your post advocates a (select all that apply):

  • technical
  • legal
  • vigilante

approach to fighting sexism in geek communities. Your idea will not work. Here is why it will not work (select all that apply):

Specifically, your plan fails to account for:

  • no one listening to complaints
  • no one believing complaints
  • no one caring much about the behaviour the complaint is about
  • the unpleasantness of having every blogger in the world give their opinion on whether or not you were asking for it in that particular situation
  • women's own sexual desires
  • the experience of anyone with a gender identity other than "male" or "female"
  • the experience of anyone with a gender identity that does not match the one assigned to them at birth
  • asshats
  • the patriarchy
  • the kyriarchy

The following philosophical objections may also apply:

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