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This page is for non-computer Roleplaying Games. For online gaming, see Gaming.

Overview Edit

Roleplaying games are games in which players take on the role of a character and attempt to achieve certain goals/quests as that character. Although the term is also used for a genre of computer games, this page is about the face-to-face kind of RPGs, including Dungeons and Dragons and other games of that kind.

Issues Edit

Women in Roleplaying Games Edit

Artists Edit

Writers/Designers Edit

  • Jenna K. Moran - Freelance author for White Wolf who wrote large portions of Exalted first edition and parts of second edition as well as an independent game designer who wrote or worked on In Nomine, Ex Machina, Nobilis, Chuubo's Wish-Granting Engine and Weapons of the Gods.
  • Jess Hartley - Freelance Writer for White Wolf. Her own personal blog.
  • Monica Valentinelli - Freelance Writer. Does a lot of work in the indie scene. blog
  • Mur Lafferty - Freelance writer and podcaster. Her website.


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Timeline of Events Edit

2005 Edit

Chris Crawford using "Evolutionary Psych" to explain why women don't like shooting games. [1]

2008 Edit

On Gender and Gaming by Jonathan Tweet

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