SXSW Interactive is an annual technology/design/social media/etc conference held in Austin, TX. For a tech conference, it has a high proportion of female attendees. It also often has programming aimed at women or dealing with women's issues.

Feminist/women-centric sessions


  • Navigating Gender and Identity Online
  • Fighting Online Misogyny (transcript by Liz Henry and Nalo Hopkinson)
  • Core Conversation: Why Is Professional Blogging Bloodsport for Women?
  • Are Women Taken More Seriously On The Web?
  • Everything I Needed to Know About the Web I Learned from Feminism
  • Screenburn: Gaming as a Gateway Drug: Getting Girls Interested in Technology
  • Screenburn: Girl Gaming Goes Mainstream: Cliches, Reality, and Community

Social events

SXSW is known for its social activities after hours. Many women's groups have meetups or events around SXSW.


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