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This is a list of English Wikipedia articles that were deleted in January 2011 that feature women-centric content. Women-centric may include:

  • Biographies about women
  • Films, books, art, music and content created by women or about women
  • Organizations, companies, or websites focused towards women or created or led by women. 
  • Health and beauty related to women, including women's health issues and fashion
  • Words, stories, games, and any other subject matter about women - it may even be a Wikipedia article that was a hoax (i.e. a fake biography about a fake woman).
  • Places and historical subjects related to women.
  • Subjects related to feminism, women oriented LGBTQ, pro-choice, pro-life, religion, etc. 
  • ...and much more. 

Please note: women-centric content includes born women and transwomen subject matter.

November 2013Edit

  • Total articles for deletion: 1746
  • Percentage women subjects: 
  • Percentage keep:
  • Percentage delete:
  • Percentage non consensus:
# Article name Subject Reason Result Notes
1 Lottie Mayor Biography - Television personality Notability Delete 2nd nomination
2 Cat Porter Biography - Television personality Notability Delete 2nd nomination

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