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Definitions: Edit

From any reasonable feminist perspective, the term sexism refers to
discrimination against women based on her sexual features in the
context of an unequal and discriminatory society.  The term can be
traced back to second wave feminist discourse .

In few other discourses, the term is used in a universal way, i.e.
discrimination against a person or a group of persons based on their
sexual features. Apparently most of these usages have been by
extremist groups.

So to hit the nail on the head always, we suggest that you do not use
"sexism against <non woman genders>". Instead speak of "sexual
discrimination against <person/person category>" if that corresponds
to your intended meaning.

This would mean that for speaking about sexual discrimination against
women and transwomen, "sexism" should be preferred. For all other
gender categories including transmen, "sexual discrimination" should
be used.

Often people confuse gender discrimination with sexual discrimination and sexism .

Thus the Wiktionary lists four unclear definitions:

  • The belief that people of one sex or gender are inherently superior to people of the other sex or gender.
  • Unfair treatment or discrimination based on a difference of sex or gender.
  • Disadvantage or unequal opportunity arising from the cultural dominance of one gender over the other.
  • Promotion or expectation or assumption of people to behave in accordance with or deviate from a gender role.


Belief that one sex is inherently superior Edit

Unfair treatment or discrimination Edit

Disadvantage arising from cultural dominance Edit

Expectations to behave according to gender role Edit

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