Stormy Peters

Stormy Peters is the VP of Developer Relations at Cloud Foundry and the former head of Mozilla's developer engagement program, focussing on the Open Web.[1] She is also a long-time GNOME community member and sometime employee.

Previous Open Source work

Peters was involved in the GNOME community since 1999. Her work in Open Source included leading the HP-UX desktop development team at the time when HP-UX adopted the GNOME Desktop, being Hewlett-Packard's representative on the GNOME Foundation Advisory Board, founding the Hewlett-Packard Open Source Program Office, and working with the community on behalf OpenLogic.

Peters was executive director (manager) of the GNOME Foundation from July 2008 to November 2010.


  • In June 2016, Peters wrote an article suggesting that women should deal with harassment at conferences through such techniques as saying they have husbands.

More information

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