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A straw-feminist is a made-up version of a feminist that doesn't really exist, used in straw man arguments against feminist ideas.

Straw feminists:

  • hate men
  • hate sex
  • think all men are rapists
  • call nearly any violation "rape"
  • are Angry feminist mobs
  • want women to become systematically dominant over men
  • want to outlaw marriage
  • are "ugly, hairy lesbians"
  • call themselves 'womyn' instead of women
  • are strident and overzealous, and see symbols of the evil patriarchy in innocuous things and campaign to have them banned (e.g., wanting to make gingerbread men gender neutral)
  • etc.

These are misrepresentations of most feminist viewpoints, and bringing them up in a discussion is an example of derailment.

Commentary Edit

  • [ The famous Hark! A Vagrant strip]

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