Sumana Harihareswara is the Senior Technical Writer at the Wikimedia Foundation. She provides community management, teaching, and writing for software development in tech and open source. She is also a stand-up comedian.

Women's groups and events

Harihareswara is on the Board of Directors for the Ada Initiative. She blogs for Geek Feminism. She was instrumental in developing the friendly space policy for the Wikimedia Foundation. She is the career development advisor for the Outreach Program for Women internships.

Conference talks

Open source community

Sumana edited and wrote for the GNOME Journal and was Release Marketing Manager for the GNOME 3.0 release. She also worked as project manager for open source software company Collabora. She has led or mentored at OpenHatch events. She was previously Engineering Community Manager at the Wikimedia Foundation, and has contributed to several other free software projects (such as Miro and AltLaw).

Science fiction community

Sumana co-edited the science fiction anthology "Thoughtcrime Experiments" and has been a panellist at WisCon.

External links

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