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System Administration Edit

System administration is the profession of working with and managing computing, and sometimes networking, infrastructure for an organization

Overview Edit

The number of women in system administration has been slowly growing (& once I can get my hands on the surveys I can find the real numbers) but they are still a minority.

Issues Edit

Many of the issues surrounding women in system administration are similar to those of women in computer science and engineering.

Encouraging Women System Administrators Edit

In the past there have been Women in System Administration Birds of Feather groups at various conferences (such as the USENIX LISA conference).

Notable Women System Administrators Edit

  • AEleen Frisch (Consultant and Author, "Essential System Administration")
  • Elizabeth Zwicky (Author, "Building Internet Firewalls")
  • Amy Rich  (Sysadmin and Q&A columnist for former Sysadmin magazine)
  • Lois Bennett (Sysadmin, League of Professional System Administrators board member & former chair of the LOPSA Education committee)
  • Christine Deffaix Rémy (GNU/Linux - UNIX Development specialist at Ociensa Technologies, and author at ENI Editions(fr))
  • Christine Hogan (co-author of The Practice of System and Network Administration, all editions)

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