Are we sure that Kino and Shinji are typical representations of male/female gender expectations in anime?

Given Shinji's crippling emotional issues, he's frequently held up in fandom for not being strong, powerful and ambitious. and is usually despised for it. Witness the Evangelion Thumbnail Theatre

Kino, despite being non- agressive and non-confrontational is competant combatant and rejected her home culture.

. Why would you waste your fucking time even asking this? I already removed a bit of the stupid already. the person who picked those examples was a troll or a moron.

Chobits: Chi's appearance

Someone changed the description of Chi from "14 year old girl" to "young woman" which suggests she is older looking. This page [1] on the Chobits wiki says "beautiful young girl." So I used that description.

Joe Cursio (talk) 16:14, August 17, 2014 (UTC)