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Telsa Gwynne is a Welsh woman. She was a open source software contributor until about 2005 and from 2005–2007 she was also an active Wikipedia editor.

Open source contributionsEdit

Telsa was a bug reporter, bug triager and Welsh translator for the GNOME project until about 2005. She was a member of the Board of Directors of the GNOME Foundation over 2001/2002.

Telsa is no longer active in the GNOME project or Open Source. She writes:

"... I found keeping up with endless blogs and RSS feeds and project Wiki pages and IRC channels and mailing lists and announcements and Myspace and Facebook and planets and the rest impossible, and just fell out of contact with a lot of it. The instant resulting peace and rise in my spirits just reinforced how fractious and rude a lot of free software development is. I see no need for me to take that any more. Life is much better without it. I now wonder why I put up with it for so long." Occasionally Asked Questions

Online diaryEdit

Telsa also wrote a popular online diary (it began before the term "blogging" was popularised) until 2005, recounting both her own life and work on Open Source and her alternative take on her husband Alan Cox. In her closing entry in 2006 she recounted unpleasant experiences with online harassment among other reasons for ending it. See Harassment of Telsa Gwynne.

Conference presentations Edit

While active in Open Source, Telsa gave several conference presentations, usually about bug work.

  • 2003: "Making the right sort of difference: bugs and what to do with them"

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