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This is a timeline of sexist incidents in geek communities including:

See Timeline of geek feminism for the development of geek feminism itself.

(Mary Gardiner explains the reason for this list in Why we document on the Geek Feminism blog.)

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  • October
    • Codemash sexual assault
    • standingwithDNLee Biologist and science writer Dr. Danielle N. Lee responded to being called a "whore" after politely declining to write for free. The Scientific American blog network removed her blog post about it without consulting her, with the excuse that it "verged into the personal."
    • Reports of harassment of Scientific American bloggers by editor Bora Zivkovic surfaced around a year ago, but in October 2013 several women wrote in public naming him and describing his patterns of bad behavior.
    • SF hacker group advertises "Hackers and Hookers " costume party. When called on it, they issue a classic non-apology (both advertisement and apology archived at link).
    • Kent James, a core reviewer for the open-source Thunderbird project, wrote a blog post with the subject line "Real Men do Build Engineering". Despite knowing that this was sexist (the original post included the question, "So, are there any Real Men out there (or even Real Women) that want to be a hero, and save our project?"), in a comment, James stated "I decided to remove comments that disputed my use of the term 'Real Men'." (In an example of the Many bad things in the world silencing tactic, he implied that it was acceptable for him to insinuate that men are more likely to understand build engineering than women are because an organization exists that uses the term "real men" and claims to fight domestic violence.)
    • At the ACM CIKM 2013 conference, a presenter showed a slide (photo) with the text "Big data is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it... (Dan Ariely)" The conference did not have an anti-harassment policy posted on its web site.
    • The Special support for women thread began on Linux Australia's discussion mailing list.


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