Valerie Aurora is the founder and principal consultant at Frame Shift Consulting, a diversity and inclusion consultancy. Previously she was a co-founder of and the Executive Director of the Ada Initiative; a Linux kernel hacker specialising in filesystem development; and a science and computing writer.


After a decade of part-time women in open source activism, Valerie became professional diversity and inclusion activist in 2011 when she announced the launch of the Ada Initiative with Mary GardinerIn 2016, following the 2015 wind-up of the Ada Initiative, Valerie announced the founding of Frame Shift Consulting.

Ally Skills Workshop

Valerie is the lead creator of the Ally Skills Workshop (see also Allies workshop on this wiki), first at the Ada Initiative focusing on allying with women, and later at Frame Shift Consulting with content expanded to allying with members of many marginalised communities. She offers the workshop materials under a Creative Commons BY-SA licence, and teaches both the workshop and a train-the-trainers workshop publicly and to private clients.

Code of conduct

Prior to the founding of the Ada Initiative, Valerie was the driver of the Conference anti-harassment policy. She developed Code of conduct training at Frame Shift consulting.


Some of Valerie's best known pieces of activist writing are:

Technical career

Valerie's former employers include Sun Microsystems (where she worked on the ZFS filesystem), IBM, Intel and Red Hat. In 2010 Valerie left her programming career. [1] in order to focus on diversity and inclusion work.

Linux work

  • developing the relatime filesystem mount option, decreasing the number of metadata writes on ext3. See How feminism helped me solve one of file systems' oldest conundrums. (October 2014)
  • ChunkFS, a filesystem architecture
  • patches that shorten the amount of time needed to fsck an ext2 partition, along one that gets a 50% improvement on RAID 5 systems with ext3 and ext4
  • patches in libc to make malloc() more efficient
  • maintainer for SMP PowerPC support in Linux


Valerie wrote the Kernel Hackers' Bookshelf series on operating systems research papers for LWN.


Valerie taught Linux kernel development classes both at IBM and online for LinuxChix.

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