Valerie Aurora is the founder and principal consultant at Frame Shift Consulting, a diversity and inclusion consultancy. Previously she was a co-founder of and the Executive Director of the Ada Initiative; a Linux kernel hacker specialising in filesystem development; and a science and computing writer.


Valerie's former employers include Sun Microsystems (where she worked on the ZFS filesystem), IBM, Intel and Red Hat.

In 2010 Valerie announced her intention to leave her programming career. [1] and in 2011 she announced the launch of the Ada Initiative with Mary Gardiner.

In 2016, following the 2015 wind-up of the Ada Initiative, Valerie announced the founding of Frame Shift Consulting.

Linux work

By default, some Linux distros use the "relatime" mount option. It decreases the number of metadata writes on ext3. It turns out, Valerie created relatime because Akkana Peck discovered that Mutt couldn't tell which mailboxes had new mail when using noatime.

She's responsible for some patches that shorten the amount of time needed to fsck an ext2 partition, along one that gets a 50% improvement on RAID 5 systems with ext3 and ext4. She also worked on a new filesystem architecture called ChunkFS. The goal of ChunkFS is to deal with the fact that as hard drives get bigger, fsck times get longer. She wants to be able to fsck smaller parts of the filesystem at different times, to avoid day-long fscks in the future. And yes, she wrote a working prototype.

It's not all filesystems though. She's got patches in libc to make malloc() more efficient. She worked on the TCP/IP stack. She was the maintainer for SMP PowerPC support in Linux. Device drivers? Done that too.

She's not keeping that knowledge locked up. She's spent countless hours mentoring. She taught Linux kernel development classes at IBM, and she was even kind enough to teach kernel hacking classes for LinuxChix (on the old site). One time, she held a real-time kernel development Q&A session on the LinuxChix IRC server. She also used to write "Kernel Hackers' Bookshelf" for Linux Weekly News

Women in FOSS advocacy

Prior to the founding of the Ada Initiative, Valerie was the author of HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux, and the driver of the Conference anti-harassment policy.


Valerie once created a fake homepage titled Val Henson is a Man talking about how hard it is to pretend to be a woman in open source.

Valerie posted Handy tips for my Internet harassers and gave a related interview to the Geek Feminism blog.

Former name

Until 2009, Valerie was named "Valerie (Val) Henson". At the same time as her legal name change to Valerie Aurora, she began using her full given name "Valerie" more widely in order to better combat invisibility.[1]



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